Best IELTS Tips To Prepare For The Exam In 2021

The IELTS Test can be a bit challenging. Scoring well is very important. In order to score very well, start preparing well in time. The IELTS test evaluates all the four sections of the exam- listening, reading, writing and speaking. The test format and rules are different from the regular English exam so follow the IELTS Tips to get the desired score.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. IELTS Test Tips
  2. Quick Tips for the Test Day
  3. IELTS Tips-Before the Test Day

1. IELTS Test Tips

Here are the tips for IELTS which help you score well.

1) IELTS Tips for Listening

  • Skim the questions before listening to the recordings.
  • Listen to the recording attentively and focus to get the answers
  • Take notes on your question paper while listening to the recording
  • Make sure to write the dates in the correct format.
  • Write within the word limit
  • Practice both American and British accents

During the test:

  • Check if the headphones are working or not
  • If you have a problem hearing the recordings, raise your hand and ask for help
  • Try to use Capital letters for your answers

PS: The audio recordings are played only once.

2) IELTS Tips for Reading

  • Check every detail of the graphs, figures or images in the paper while answering
  • Do not spend too much time on the question where you do not find answers
  • Move on to the next question and get back to the question at the end
  • Read all the questions and underline the keywords before reading each text.
  • Understand the questions carefully and focus on finding answers from the passage

During the test:

  • Do not waste time writing on question paper
  • Proof read before submission
  • Be precise, grammatically- correct and to-the-point
  • Try to use Capital letters for your answers

PS: No extra time will be given to transfer answers later

The Academic IELTS and General training reading tests are graded usually at the same level. However the IELTS tips and tricks remain the same for both academic and general training. The academic reading test can be more challenging compared to the General Training test.

3) Tips for IELTS Writing

  • Perform a thorough analysis of the tasks and prepare the answers mentally
  • Avoid repetition of ideas, phrases and words
  • Write precise and relevant answers. Do not write long paragraphs and sentences
  • Use Active voice only. Never write in a passive voice.
  • Never use spoken English while writing
  • Try to write over 150 words for Task1 and over 250 for Task 2.
  • Make sure you write a conclusion for Task 2

During the test:

  • Divide your time smartly
  • Write Task 2 first as it contributes more toward the total score
  • Do not submit without thorough revision and proofreading

PS: Make sure your handwriting is legible, tidy and neat

4) IELTS Tips for Speaking

  • Listen to the questions carefully before you answer
  • Do not answer the question if you are not sure about the answer
  • You can ask the examiner to repeat the question for a better clarification
  • You can add information to the answers
  • Focus on vocabulary, tenses, grammar and sentence structure

During the test:

  • Speak fluently and clearly
  • Do not take long pauses
  • Be confident while you speak

PS: Be relaxed while you answer to score well

2. Quick Tips for the Test Day

  • Make sure you carry relevant ID Proofs-Passport
  • Check the test location, date and time so that you can make better travel preparations
  • Wear comfortable clothes that do not distract your attention during the exam
  • Have a good meal before the exam
  • Do not take watches into the exam hall; a wall clock will be present in the examination room
  • Be attentive while the supervisor is giving instructions
  • Do not take back the question paper or answer paper with you
  • Do not try to cheat or copy
  • Seek your supervisor’s permission before leaving the exam hall

3. IELTS Tips-Before the Test Day

Always make a plan before you start studying. IELTS preparation tips are the most required during the study plan. The IELTS preparation course might be necessary as it includes the study materials along with the IELTS tips and tricks which are necessary to score high.

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn the exam pattern well
  • Practice until you feel confident
  • Practice under time pressure

IELTS Tricks are mentioned and packed above for a better preparation of exam. The tips for IELTS help you give your best in every section. Tips for the IELTS Exam will provide better insights and reminders to help you gain good knowledge. The IELTS Tips alone will not be enough to score high but a good practice helps to give your best in the exam. Practice boosts self confidence. Preparing and practicing well for the IELTS exam is the most important step in the journey to study or migrate abroad.   

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