What is an SOP?

SOP stands for Statement of Purpose and is an integral part of the application process apart from your academic qualifications and English scores. It is vital at the time of application for any University if the student wants to do his study overseas especially, in countries like the United States, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore.

What is the Purpose of an SOP?

As the name itself suggests SOP is to state the purpose of your interest in the particular country, course and the University. The aim of an SOP is to express your current academic standing, your future objectives and your expectations from the chosen course to admissions team of your dream institution.

Students often feel perplexed amongst writing a college essay and an SOP. Although they are similar, college essay is for graduate admission process and is used to express yourself in a broader perspective including your hobbies, interests and experiences that greatly impacted you. Whereas, an SOP is for both graduate and research applications but precisely talks about your academic and employment background. Therefore, it strictly talks about your goals and aspirations that you want to fulfill by studying that specific course in the specific University in the chosen country.

Why choose Edmium SOP Services?

Edmium offers these services to help students ease their application process by writing a tailored and personalized SOP for the student depending upon their needs, interests, academic, financial and professional details. Being in the industry and have been processing several applications successfully, Edmium understands the needs of the Universities and students depending on various criteria. Our SOP services ensure that the information is rightly presented to enhance your application for the admission and showcase to the University that you are a right fit for their institution.

Areas of focus while preparing an SOP

  • Do not make any grammatical or spelling errors.

  • Do read the SOP multiple times before submitting to ensure there are no such errors and punctuation is correct as it could sometimes change the whole meaning of a sentence.

  • Keep it simple and precise to the point by using the right words.

  • Be as honest as you can and ensure all the required aspects are covered in your SOP as requested by the University.

  • Mention about your objectives and expectations of how the chosen course is going to support your future dreams.

  • Write a polished essay with your previous academic and professional records of achievement in the field to emphasize your interest in the course.

  • The SOP must motivate the admissions team to select your application by seeing the strong desire for knowledge and growth.

  • A well-written SOP could enhance your chances of bagging an admission in the University even though the student does not have perfect grades. On the other hand, if the SOP is not good, it may indeed lower the chances of an admission into the University in spite of the strong grades the student may have.

  • For a perfect SOP needs immense care and attention. It is always advisable to take ample time and compose it thoughtfully with honesty.

  • Do not copy-paste anything from the Internet as that amounts to plagiarism and the application may immediately get rejected as the University uses a plagiarism detection software the shows the percentage of similarity of your content with other content on the Internet. If the similarity is high beyond a certain point, it is projected as you are dishonest with your ideas and goals. The University will not have the interest or trust to recruit you.