LOR Writing Services

What is an LOR?

An LOR stands for Letter of Recommendation and is an important aspect of the application process like the SOP when applying for an Overseas University. An LOR should be written by someone from your graduate college or previous employment to recommend and support the information that the student has presented in the University application. An LOR can either be sent to a recruiting officer of a company or an admissions officer of a University who can make a judgment whether they can employ in their company or admit the student into the University.

What is the purpose of an LOR?

The purpose of an LOR is to increase the legitimacy of the provided documents by the student to the University as written or supported by a legitimate person of the former college or employment. The LOR supports the individual’s academic or professional performance during their time in the institution and boasts about the quality of their stronger areas of performance and achievements. An LOR from the
right person like a professor, assistant professor or the superior who is a close witness and well-wisher of the candidate will not only increase authenticity of the provided information but also enhances the student’s application to the University.

Why choose Edmium LOR Services?

Having processed numerous successful applications, Edmium can make the challenging application processes for different Universities into simple and easily attainable processes by helping students with these services. Edmium carefully assesses the requirements of each University and the student’s needs to suggest on the content of the LOR. Edmium evaluates, tailors and personalizes the content for
each student according to their preceding records of achievements. If necessary polish it to suit the University requirements. Our fast services and guidance will ensure the student to submit effective LORs with their application on time and thus, immensely enhances the quality of the application.

Areas of focus while preparing an LOR

  • Ensure the letter is written by someone who speaks highly about the quality of your performance or academics.

  • An ideal person would be someone who is familiar with your achievements and is positive about them. A person who can spend quality time to write an effective LOR and gives value to the student’s career as this LOR can enhance their admission in a huge way. Choose a person who is in a certain authority or a designation above you that will validate your submitted scores or experience that will strengthen the application.

  • Before going to the writer, prepare all your achievements and qualities that you would like to highlight in the letter. Take help of Edmium for any guidance or content.

  • Letter has to be proof read several times and check whether correct contact information has been provided ensuring no mistakes.

  • Avail Edmium LOR services to know what skills, qualities or accomplishments of yours to include that are matched to the University program.

  • A dedicated mentor from Edmium can provide all information including the format, content and how to choose your writer customized just for you. Once the letter is written Edmium reviews the letter whether all the required information has been included.