Become a Counsellor

Why Become a Counsellor with Edmium?

Huge industry compensations

Travel abroad to Universities


How Edmium helps Counsellors?

Shortlist Universities

Counsellors can use our enormous database to find University partners who would be interested in the student’s application.

Advanced Tools For Best Match

Make use of our advanced search filters to evaluate various University options and
calculate the student’s chances to bag an admission into that University.

Apply online

Apply for admissions to over 700+ Universities online who are partnered with.

Get Up-to-date information

Get latest news about the Universities and Country guidelines for International Students.

Multiple Applications in one place

Manage multiple applications of a student to different Universities by maintaining a list all under the same roof.

Becoming a counsellor might, at times, Be tiresome. But, at EDMIUM, it’s not as tedious and boring as it looks.

  • We have advanced tools that use Artificial Intelligence to match thousands of students’ profiles with university requirements effortlessly.
  • We also have an enormous database of universities that makes it relatively easy to help students find their best fit
  • We offer great incentives to counsellors. By this, we ensure that we take care of our clients and people like you who work with us and grow
  • Also, hey! Who doesn’t like to travel? Become a counsellor and get to travel abroad to various universities.
  • We also have substantial industry compensations for counsellors.