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14. We may be permitted to contact the user using their email address or a text message or a phone call to give information or significant updates. Hence, the user should not hold us liable for any fines, losses, costs in case if the phone number of the user is registered with Do Not Call (DNC) agency.

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17. If individuals who are competent to sign a contract with us under the Indian Contract Act of 1982 will be qualified to use our services and products. Minors or persons who have unsettled insolvency issues will not qualify to use our products or services. If you are a Minor and want to utilize our products and services, please take the help of a parent or a legal guardian and they will make it available to you. We are not responsible for any issues that arise due to the mismanagement of our website, its content, our services or our products when used by any person or a Minor. You automatically provide warranty when you use our website, products or services that all the information given by you is correct, whole and in case of Minors, the minor has the consent of the parent or the legal guardian. Edmium has the right to stop or refuse your subscription with us if we discover that you are a minor who is under 18 years of age and you do not have the consent of your parents or legal guardian or if you provide any incorrect information.

Refund Policy

Edmium will reimburse for the products or services if we have not finished our work on time or if our experts have breached any of our service terms. Additionally, we will also take a severe action on our personnel for the breach but if the refund is requested due to ‘change of your mind’ we cannot refund the amount as per our “No refund or exchange policy” terms and all the products or services ‘as it is’.