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Edmium exists to help you reach your first day at the university that’s best for you. By creating a free Edmium account, we will show you Universities that are interested in you, give you the tools you need to make informed decisions, present you with eligible scholarships, and everything in between.
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Universities that have identified you as a good fit for enrollment will send you a message that will appear on your dashboard.


Add a university to your list, and we will notify their admissions department that you are interested in attending.


Universities will contact you to give you more information on their institution and applying.


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The beauty of Edmium is that it doesn’t matter where you are in your university search. Choose a starting point that make sense for YOU.

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With your Free account, we match you with eligible scholarships from our multi-billion dollar database and provide direct links to apply. You will also be automatically entered into our monthly drawing to win The Edmium $1,000 Easy Money Scholarship.