Australia PR Visa: Reasons of Rejection In 2021

Australia PR visa opens doors of opportunities, like lucrative jobs, free healthcare, and others. The bright aspects of an Australian PR visa are one of the reasons why the country is currently home to more than 5.1 million migrants. This is 17% less students than in March 2020.

To become a citizen of Australia, you must be a person who has lived in Australia for at least 12 months and has the right to vote and be elected. Though there is no shortage of success stories where people are given a PR, failure to meet the criteria can result in rejection of the Australia PR Visa. Some of the main reasons why your PR application may not be accepted are:

  1. Inappropriate Visa-type selected
  2. Incomplete information or misrepresentation in Visa application
  3. Violation reported/related to earlier Visa
  4. Failure to meet Health/Medical Requirements
  5. Financial Reasons for Rejection of Australian PR
  6. Failure to meet the conditions
  7. Character Record
  8. Verification Process Issues

1. Inappropriate Visa-type Selected

Some of the work visa types to immigrate to Australia are:

  • Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189): This visa allows only those people to apply whose occupations are in great demand. The point system is the same and there is no need of having a sponsor or invitation also.
  • Skilled Employer Nomination Visa (Subclass 190): This allows only those to apply who can get sponsorship from the companies themselves and have the required skills to meet the criteria.
  • Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Provisional Visas (Subclass 491): This is a category that also uses the point-based system for the applicants nominated by a state or the territory of Australia. The visa is issued for a maximum of 5 years but works as a pathway for obtaining PR but the applicant needs to serve and live mostly in the regional areas of the countries.

The above three subclasses are the PR visas for migrating to Australia. it is very important to understand all the subclasses in which the applicant can make his application. It should be determined which category of visa is best for a person. Choosing the right sub-class and carefully calculating the eligibility can avoid the applicant from getting rejected.

2. Incomplete Information or Misrepresentation

In case an applicant accidentally sends information that is not as per the pieces of evidence submitted earlier, the applications are usually immediately rejected. The applicant is unaware of the status of the document he is filing. Sometimes the answers given by the authorities are not replied in full detail . And while leaving any part unanswered, the reasons for the same are also not mentioned. The errors cost dearly and the applicant has to face rejection. In some cases, the applicants don’t provide pieces of evidence to prove the relationship with the partner who is co-applicant in the application. These types of incomplete information also result in rejection of Australian PR applications.

3. Violations Reported/related to Earlier Visa

If you had travelled and stayed in Australia before . But you broke any of the conditions. The authorities look at these cases as your general behavior and feel that you will be lawless even when a PR visa shall be granted to you.

Sometimes violations related to entering or leaving time, duration, submission of documents, indulging in activities/work when the same is not authorized as per the visa document are reflected in the verification of the previous travel history/record of the applicant. These actions do not go down easy with the authorities and your PR application is not able to see the light of the day.

4. Failure to meet Health/Medical Requirement

The Australian government requires every PR applicant to clear the medical examination at one of its authorized centers. It is one of the main criteria for an Australia PR visa. If people are not able to show the authorities that they will not be a burden on the public funds they will not get PR.

5. Financial Reason for Rejection of Australian PR

The Australia PR Visa application must have a certain amount of money available for him. These funds are necessary to pay for the first six months expenses of the applicant when he will reach Australia and work towards settling down in the new country.

The funds are needed to be present with the applicant as deposits or bank statements or through any other acceptable document. There are a few things that will make a person not be accepted to come to Australia.

  • Unsurity about the amount needed
  • Lack of maintaining the amount for the required period
  • Slipping of balance far below the required range. Sometimes the large chunks deposited are not explainable by the applicant.

6. Failure to Meet ELP Requirements

Sometimes the PR process requires a particular score of exams needed to study in Australia. In the middle of the process, the authorities may ask for additional information related to some evidence already supplied by you, or maybe some new information is required to assess the application. If any applicant is not able to meet the requirements or furnish the information/data/document that is essential to hold the application, the outcome can be guessed easily. If you do not have the information, the application will be rejected.

7. Character Record

A good character certificate is a precondition for the PR if you are willing to study in Australia. It is also notable that today’s applicants need to be careful that even by mistake they should not get associated with any illegal or criminal organizations by joining them on social media platforms because their social media associations are also scrutinized while processing the PR applications.

8. Verification Process Issues

There are many checks and balances in the system to check for the good character of the applicant, and information furnished by him at the time of making the application and also later on-demand the additional documentation supplied to the authorities. If you submit anything that cannot be verified, normally you are given the chance to provide alternative proof. Through which it can be verified by the person in charge. But if you think that you are not honest but you can trick them, the chances of your failing and getting the rejection are very high.


Other than these 8 main reasons many a time not being able to get an honest and learned agent or lawyer also creates problems for the applicants and they are unnecessarily harassed. The best solution is to understand the process yourself and hire only accredited, licensed, and qualified attorneys for these matters. Application filing should be done with utmost care and sincerity after getting all the required documents and keeping feasible deadlines for the pending work. It pays to be honest so if you are getting stuck somewhere, inform in writing and detail your concerns and issues; most of the time you will get a positive reply which in turn will result in positive outcomes for your application.

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