Why study in the Germany

    The universities in Germany have strong ties with its enormous industrial and corporate world, offering promising career opportunities to its alumnus.

    A reputed destination for science & research, Germany’s education system offers state of the art institutions, which are mainly divided into universities, colleges of art and music, and universities of applied sciences. Although a wide majority of universities are state-owned and financed, there are also a number of top universities managed by churches and private institutions that are officially recognized by the state.

    Fact about the Germany

    Affordability: Germany’s public universities offer education at no tuition fee. Considering that students can also work while studying, Germany becomes one of the most inexpensive countries to study for Indian students.

    Flexible payment plans: While private universities in Germany do not offer free education for Indian students in Germany, most of them offer flexible payment plans. Students can hence earn while they learn and make up for the fees while they are studying.


    Winter is the primary Intake for Germany. It starts in September / October and ends in February / March. … For most Universities, the application deadline will fall in mid-July for Winter (September Intake). Students who miss out in Winter Intake can apply in Summer intake in April.