Become a Mentor

Why Become a Mentor?

Generous Industry Compensations

Generous industry compensations:

You will not only earn an extensive goodwill but also a generous amount for your effort per each student. It is a good income source as time becomes an important factor while you are studying on the side.


Training and Certification

Complete a simple online-training, get certified and come on-board to be a Certified Mentor to assist the students with their careers. Receive recognition by earning good ratings for your contributions.


Making easy Money Online

Generate income at the convenience of your own home wherever you are in the world. Avoid part-time work difficulties and mentor students according to your flexibility.


Impact other’s lives

Help other students achieve their dream careers by sharing your own experience and knowledge. It makes a huge difference in their lives and nurtures them to be future leaders.


Enhance your own skills

Gain new perspectives on numerous aspects by supporting a wide variety of students from different areas of study and backgrounds. Alternatively, mentoring helps you to enhance your communication, inter-personal and leadership skills.

What Mentors do?


Providing Assistance

Understand the student’s current academic and financial situation after a thorough interview, suggest them various University and course options that are available for them to cater to their needs. Provide on-going guidance and support through the entire process until the student secures a spot in the chosen University ensuring the student meets all the criteria.

Request Queries

Respond to Queries

Getting enrolled into higher studies abroad is a challenging situation for many parents who are supporting their child’s education and naturally will have a lot of concern as they would be spending a lot of their hard earned life savings just to see their child achieve their dreams. It is easy for the mentor to patiently answer all their queries from their first-hand experience regarding the country, University,
course, part-time jobs and culture to ensure that they receive great value for what they are looking to spend in terms of the student’s degree and achieving their goals.


Processing Student Applications

After detailed understanding of the student’s needs, aspirations, academic and financial situations, suggest Universities that would be interested in their application. Start processing for the applications with all the required information and apply them on time to ensure there are no delays as this is someone’s career. Ensure fast processing to attain goodwill and recognition as if they are satisfied with the services, the student would further refer you to other friends and family. Once the student is successfully enrolled, the mentor would receive an instant and transparent online pay for the rendered service.