More often than not, we hear these terms that are associated with applications for universities. But how important are they? Individually, which out of the two has more prominence? Is it sufficient to get into top universities with an excellent GRE score? Is there something else that universities require? Let us get to the answers to all students’ dilemmas. Initially, let us see what constitutes GPA and GRE.

What is GPA?

GPA is the abbreviation for Grade Point Average. It is the measure of cumulative grades that an individual or student achieves in his or her academics. This GPA is an essential factor for a student to get through the next level, i.e., higher studies or a job. The next question that might strike your mind is, “Is GPA an important prerequisite for university admissions abroad?”. Well, we shall get to it.

What is GRE?

GRE is the abbreviation for Graduate Record Examination. It is a standardized test conducted by ETS(Educational Testing Service) as a prerequisite to get admissions in universities in the US, Canada, and a few universities in other countries.
Now, we get to the question – How important is GPA?


Many students aim to score 315+ in GRE, thinking that they can get into any of the top universities with the score. Is their assumption valid? In that case, every student who gets a decent score of 320 and above should get into their chosen universities. But that doesn’t happen. It is because the top universities consider another factor called GPA along with the GRE score. These universities are often called GPA-centric. The University of Columbia, Chicago University, MIT, UTD, etc., require a GRE score of 320+ and a high GPA.

Some top universities give students who have average GPA the advantage of profile weightage. Those who have a good profile, are very likely to get their dream university. A good profile comprises academic achievements, extracurricular activities, research papers, patents, etc. Stanford, the University of California, Illinois University, etc., fall under this category.

Those people who have both average GPA and GRE scores can get off with good LORs and SOPs. LOR, a.k.a Letter of Recommendation, plays a significant role in lifting the students’ profile. This letter will be given by the professors who have the experience of teaching a student. They endorse him/her for his/her positive impressions. Statement of Purpose(SOP) is equally essential written by students supporting why they want to join a particular university or a specific specialization.

Hence, there are many opportunities for all kinds of students provided they plan cleverly and effectively. Therefore, a student must start preparing to apply for universities before nine months of the admission date.

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