Masters In Digital Marketing In Ireland: All You Need To Know

Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland may be a one-year full-time degree that involves learning tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Insights tools, etc. For the course of digital marketing in Ireland, marketing or management-related discipline are given preference for admission in Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland universities. Some universities accept applicants from unrelated fields of study, like engineering, science, etc.

The tuition fee of Ireland universities offering masters in digital marketing ranges from 11,250 EUR to 20000 EUR. There are many scholarships offered to international students in Ireland which will help in reducing the financial burden of the scholars. Post completion of your course from Ireland, you’ll be able to earn up to 36,203 EUR (32 lakhs INR). With the increase within the digitalization of industries, marketing campaigns are now more or less is online-driven. This is often why digital marketing courses and degrees are currently not only a necessity of the hour but also are making the market more digital marketing companies in Ireland ruling. There is also growth in digital marketing jobs in Ireland.

Planning to study digital marketing in Ireland has two major benefits compared to other popular study-abroad destinations, cheaper education option, and a less stringent admission process. Considering all the above-mentioned factors allow us to now dive into the main points you need to know when planning a masters in digital marketing from Ireland.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. Why Study Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland?
  2. Top Universities
  3. Admissions
  4. Cost
  5. Scholarships

1. Why Study Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland?

Digital Marketing has replaced the normal methods of promoting in today’s era because of the increasing popularity of e-commerce, social media sites, etc. Thus, jobs during this field also are on the increase. Following are a number of the explanations that suggest why pursuing a Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland may be a good choice:

·        Digital Marketing Managers earn 35% over the common salaries of all jobs in Ireland.

·        Digital marketing observed a rise in over 10,000 jobs within the last five years (i.e from 2015 to 2019) in Ireland.

·        5% to 9% of the annual bonus is awarded to employees within the field of digital marketing which sort of loves the country’s average of seven.

·        An up-gradation from bachelor’s in Ireland universities to master’s increases the salary by 23%.

·        With 5 to 10 years of experience in digital marketing, your salary will almost be double.

·        The average salary of the Digital Marketing Manager is 17% above the common of all other marketing jobs.

2. Top Universities

Some of the top universities offering a 1-year full-time Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland, according to QS News University Ranking for 2020, are as follows: 

UniversityCourseTotal Program Fees (in EUR)
Trinity College Dublin (TCD)MSc. in Digital Marketing Strategy19,500
University College Dublin (UCD)MSc. in Digital Marketing19,900
National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway)MSc. in Digital Marketing16,900
Dublin City University (DCU)MSc. in Digital Marketing16,000
MA in Social Media Communications15,000
Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)MSc. in Digital Marketing Strategy12,000
Institute of Technology, Carlow (IT Carlow)MSc. in Digital Marketing11,250
Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin)MSc. Creative Digital Media20,250
MSc. in Digital Marketing13500
Dublin Business School (DBU)MSc. in Digital Marketing13500

3. Admissions

The admission eligibility for Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland could be a degree in any of the fields with the subsequent additional criteria:

·        A minimum 2:1 honors degree or international equivalent i.e. 60%-80% (Grade Equivalent B+) at the undergraduate level.

·        2-3 years of labor experience

·        Non-native English speakers are required to produce proof of West Germanic language proficiency through one among the highest exams like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.

Documents Required for Admission:

·        Academic Transcripts of standards 10, 12, and academic degree.

·        Certificates of proof of English Proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE).

·        Letter of advice by the professor of the previous institution.

·        Statement of Purpose (stating the student’s goal and purpose within the country).

·        Recent Passport Photographs.

·        Attested copy of Passport.

English Language Requirements for International Students

The minimum IELTS or TOEFL score required to demonstrate proficiency within the English language is as follows:

UniversityIELTS Scores RequiredTOEFL (iBT) Scores Required
University College Dublin7.0100
Trinity College Dublin7.0100
National University of Ireland Galway6.588
Cork Institute of Technology6.5
Dublin City University6.592
Institute of Technology, Carlow690
Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin)6.592
Dublin Business School6.5

4. Cost

This section includes the knowledge on the prices involved in studying in Ireland which include the pre-arrival expenses, tuition fees likewise as living expenses.

Pre-Arrival Costs

Pre-arrival expenses include one-time payments like registration fees for various standardized tests required reviewing in Ireland, application fees, visa registration fees, etc.

Tuition Fees for Indian Students

The tuition fees for MSc Digital marketing in Ireland ranges from 11,250 EUR to 20,000 EUR. TU Dublin is that the cheapest among them with total program fees of 13,500 EUR. The opposite programs like Masters in Digital Marketing include DCU’s MA in Social Media Communications and TU Dublin’s MSc. Creative Digital Media with a tuition fee of 15,000 EUR and 20,250 EUR respectively

Cost of Living in Ireland

The cost of living in Ireland for a world student can range up to 550-1000 EUR per month. A student living alone in Ireland may cost him or her a minimum of 400-900 EUR per month.

5. Scholarships

International students willing to check Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland can go for various assist options to support their education and living costs. The table below caters to numerous international scholarships in Ireland:

ScholarshipsAwarding BodyAwards
Government of Ireland ScholarshipsGovernment of Ireland10,976.22 EUR per annum
NUI Galway International Students ScholarshipsNational University of Ireland Galway5,213.70 EUR
Centenary scholarship programDublin Institute of Technology1,148.06 EUR 
Trinity College Dublin ScholarshipsTrinity College Dublin5,213.70 – 10,427.41 EUR
Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarships.National University of Ireland GalwayFull-tuition fees
Sir Peter Freyer Special Merit Scholarship.National University of IrelandFull Tuition Fees

Ireland’s economy is usually supported services. Technology companies even have a robust presence within the country, with many locating their regional headquarters there. The mix of strategic, Google analytics and practical elements will provide graduates of masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland with a definite advantage within the marketplace. Top universities in Digital Marketing in Ireland improve their digital skills making the scholars industry-ready and pursue exciting jobs within the digital capital of Europe.

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