Study Abroad After 12th: All You Need To Know

Students from India favor to study their undergraduate program in India, work for a pair of years, gain experience and so go abroad for a postgraduate degree. This trend has changed in recent years, as quick access to education loans has prompted an increase within the number of scholars opting to study abroad after 12th. It’s not just full-time undergraduate programs, there are variety of academic term programs, vocational and technical training courses that may be to study abroad after 12th.

This article gives you the details on how to study abroad after 12th. Here is the list of the best places to study abroad after 12th:

  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
  5. Canada
  6. Ireland
  7. How to study abroad for free after 12th?

1. UK

Where to study within the UK?

Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham are best places to study abroad in the UK and every city has renowned universities in it. If you’re curious to study abroad after 12th in the UK, here are best universities to study in the UK after 12th:

·        The University of Glasgow

·        Queen Mary University of London

·        University of Leeds

·        University of Liverpool

·        Coventry University

Close to 20 universities from the United Kingdom make it to the QS World University Rankings since the last number of years. If you’d wish to go to students’ preferences, Loughborough University, Aberystwyth University and Norwich University of the humanities bagged the primary three places per the Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2020.

How to study abroad within the UK?

You must complete a Foundation Year Program if you are not meeting the direct requirements of the degree program. The foundation Year Program focuses on subject-specific learning with additional modules in English and Communication. An IELTS score of 6 is required for UG programmes with no band but 5.5. This can be one of the exams to study abroad after 12th you must consider the university-specific and course-specific requirements too.

2. USA

Where to study within the USA?

The USA follows a four-year undergraduate study structure in most universities. Boston, Chicago and New York are a number of the favored destinations for higher studies. Some of the colleges that students explore the foremost are:

·        University of Delaware

·        Florida International University

·        Michigan State University

·        North Eastern University

It is a known incontrovertible fact that a number of the most effective universities within the world are within the USA. You can’t ignore Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford and Harvard that usually make their thanks to the highest three as per the QS World University Rankings. California Institute of Technology is additionally quite famous. The USA is one in every of the foremost preferred destinations for college students curious about studying abroad after 12th.

How to study undergraduate courses within the USA?

On completing your 12th Grade, you’ll join a program directly if you meet the prescribed entry requirements. Learn the details on how to go abroad for study after 12th and start applying to the universities. Usually, an IELTS score starting from 5.5 to 6.0 is that the english language proficiency score required for admission.

3. Australia

Where to study in Australia?

Some of the most effective student cities in Australia include Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Around 35 universities from Australia make it to the planet university rankings once a year.

·        The University of Queensland

·        The University of Sydney

·        The University of New South Wales

·        Griffith University

You might want to check out the whole list of Australian universities popular among Indian youngsters. The country incorporates a high standard of living and excellent education system which attracts thousands of international students once a year.

How to enroll for undergraduate courses in Australia?

Australia offers a novel proposition; Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions offer a range of vocational and industrial training programs that range from six months to 2 years. On completing these programs, they will favor to join a relevant university program directly within the second year of study. Additionally to those TAFE programs, regular entry to an undergraduate degree at an Australian university relies on the applicant’s English skills and score within the 12th Grade.

4. New Zealand

Where to check in New Zealand

Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are a number of the popular cities for higher studies in New Zealand. The country has eight government-funded universities, variety of private-degree-offering institutions and plenty of polytechnic institutes. All of the 8 universities made it to the favored world university rankings for 2021. You can study engineering abroad after 12th and management courses in new Zealand.  

·        University of Auckland

·        Auckland University of Technology

·        Massey University

·        University of Otago

Can I study abroad after 12th in New Zealand? How can I enroll?

If you meet the prescribed entry requirements, you’ll join any undergraduate degree program or a technical course. The minimum English proficiency score required is 6.0 in IELTS with no band but 5.5.

5. Canada

Best places to check abroad in Canada

Canada offers a bunch of advantages and choices for international students. Cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver are popular student cities and that they have reasons to be. There are several options for a student to review in Canada after 12th grade; they’ll value more highly to study courses like engineering, life sciences and humanities and humanities. A number of the Canadian universities popular on our site include:

·        The University of Alberta

·        Centennial College

·        The University of Canadian province

·        Fanshawe College

The multi-cultural atmosphere and post-study work opportunities are primary reasons why such a large amount of Indian students choose Canada for a degree. Additionally, the country’s growing economy could be a reason for the increased migration of scholars. A growing economy means an oversized number of industries can invest in several businesses that again support student employment.

How to study abroad in Canada?

IELTS score requirement will vary supported universities and courses. However, a minimum of 6 – 6.5 is required. There may well be province-specific requirements to be met too, for gaining admission to institutions in Canada.

6. Ireland

Best places to check in Ireland

Ireland is emerging in concert of the popular destinations for higher studies abroad. They provide high-quality education and work opportunities. The scenic great thing about Ireland is additionally one factor that draws people to the present country. 8 universities from Ireland made it to the QS World University Rankings 2021.

·        University College Dublin

·        Trinity College Dublin

·        University College, Cork

·        National University of Ireland, Galway

How to study in Ireland

In Ireland, the language of instruction is English. Hence students will need to submit proof of English proficiency to be able to procure a visa. The minimum score required is 6.0 for an Irish student visa. 

Application Process:

If you’d prefer to study abroad after 12th, you’ll be able to apply online through the university’s website or also through us, with copies of your academic transcripts. All applications are scrutinized, and eligible students are going to be contacted by the relevant university. Some institutions may hold a brief interview or test before confirming your admission offer. 

7. How to study abroad for free after 12th?

Study abroad for free after 12th– bachelor’s degree option in popular international universities would be like a dream come true to many of the abroad education aspirants. There are a number of options which would help you get full to partial fee waiver in various countries and individual universities to study abroad after 12th. There are also few options to study abroad from India after 12th but that would be a different process which is all together an online education.

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