Masters In Computer Science In Ireland: A Simple Guide

Masters in Computer science in Ireland may be a one or two-year program related to the study of technical approaches associated with computer applications and services. This country features a strong reputation within the software industry and it is a home for a few of the most effective programs- ms in computer science in Ireland, offered by the universities in Ireland. Students are required to own a baccalaureate in applied science, mathematics or engineering because of the minimum eligibility criteria for admission to Irish universities.

The tuition fee for Masters in Computer science in Ireland universities is around 9,450 to 27,000 EUR. For an Indian student, the estimated equivalent tuition fee is 8.3-23.7 lakh INR. Top universities in Ireland for MS in computer science provide a high return on investment with a median salary of 46,000 EUR per annum.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. Why study Masters in Computer Science in Ireland?
  2. Top Universities in Ireland for Masters in Computer Science
  3. Course Details of Masters in Computer Science

1. Why study Masters in Computer Science in Ireland?

Following are a number of the explanations why international students choose Ireland universities for MS in Computer Science:

·        All the elite global IT companies are having its European headquarters in Ireland which incorporates Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, etc.

·        Ireland is that the 2nd largest exporter of computer and IT services within the world so within the corporate world of Eire, there’s always a requirement for computer scientists.

·        Ireland provides 2 years of work  permit after completing the degree which could be a considerable relaxation for the international students who want to review in Ireland.

·        As per the QS world university ranking for technology and data technology, six of the top universities for MS in computer science within the list of top 600 universities for masters in Computer science abroad.

·        Ireland ranks 1st for high-value FDI flows and thus it’s a productive corporate market making jobs easier and of highly paid.

2. Top Universities in Ireland for Masters in Computer Science

The Trinity College and also the University College in Dublin are top-ranked universities in Ireland that provide both full time and part-time degrees in masters in technology. Letterkenny Institute of Technology offers a 2-year online research-based MS in Computer science Education Research program to students.

Some of the Top universities in Ireland for MS in computer science are tabulated below, in keeping with QS News World University Ranking 2022 for Computer Science and Technology:

UniversityRankingDurationTuition Fee in EUR
University College Dublin1731 Year23040
National University of Ireland- Galway2581 Year18495
University of Limerick501-5101 Year12890
Maynooth University751-8002 years27000
University Cork College2981 Year16200
Trinity College Dublin1011 Year21555
Dublin City University4901 Year15300

3. Course Details of Masters in Computer Science

Masters in computer science in Ireland is that the study of computer systems with a technical approach. it’s based upon enhancing the technical knowledge within the field of computer and knowledge technology. Masters in Computer science offers a good range of specializations in context to becoming a scientist. Specializations like AI, data analysis, programming; ethical hacking, augmented and computer game etc are some sectors that have a high value within the software market.

Salary after MS in computer science is around 37,000 EUR to 55,000 EUR annually. Top companies that hire computer scientists in Ireland are Apple, Dell, Intel, Cisco, Cloudreach etc. The sector of computer science and technology may be a recession-free sector and it’s been related to all other sectors. Ireland has simple policies for a piece permit and permanent residence. One can get a PR in barely 2 year after applying. Studying masters in computer science in Ireland will provide a profusion advantage to realize value-oriented computing skills

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