Job opportunities in the USA for Indian students

The USA is the largest market for jobs for international students. With Silicon Valley in the lap of the USA, the job prospects and market for growth in technology and advancements are very high. It also has many oil and gas, information technology, and other main economic drivers that give jobs to millions of people throughout the globe. With many other scenic attractions and economies, it drives lakhs of students every year to study in the USA.

Students who are willing to work in the USA have to study in the US for a full course time. In order to do that, he/she needs to get a visa permit which is also known as an F-1 or student visa. In case the student is willing to pursue vocational or language courses, an M-1 visa is issued.

What can a student do with an F-1 visa?

  • With an F-1 visa, an immigrant is allowed to pursue master’s or studies related to technical education. It is usually valid for a period of 5 years but it might vary depending on the individual’s status related to i-20.
  • A student is allowed to work part-time on his/her university campus. The weekly working hour limit for students to get paid is 20 hours. However, during vacation or off-course time, the student is allowed to work up to 40 hours per week.
  • Important: A student cannot work part-time off-campus. It is considered a crime as it is illegal for non-US citizens.

Work after graduation

On finishing graduation, it is time for graduates to take up jobs if he/she wishes to work in the United States. Usually, it takes a minimum of 6 months to find a job in the US for non-US citizens or immigrants. There are many ways in which graduates can get jobs.

  • PPOs. PPOs or Pre-placement offers are offered to students who do an internship with the company prior to graduation. These are offered by companies to students if they like the student’s work and wish to keep him permanently.
  • Job fairs. Job fairs are events where recruiters come to one place and welcome graduates to show their talent and portfolio. Based on their liking and requirement, companies call candidates for further interviews or job processes.
  • Consultancies. Consultancies are companies that help graduates find work by helping their portfolios reach respective companies, better.

Work Visa or H-1 B

Work visa or H-1 B can be offered by the company that the individual works in. All companies do not guarantee work visas. An individual has to apply for a permanent visa and it is up to one’s luck that they might or might not get it. However, one can reapply up to three trials. Having said that, if he/she does not get a work visa after three trials, he/she has to leave the country. One can pursue another course and avail of a student visa if he/she wishes to stay.

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