SOP For Masters in UK: A Complete Guide

In this article, let us look at:

  1. Guidelines for SOP for Masters in UK
  2. University-wise Instructions for SOP for MS in UK
  3. How to Write Impressive SOP for MS in UK

1. Guidelines for SOP for Masters in UK

SOP for Masters in UK for the majority of the MS programs is a mandatory admission requirement. Guidelines for most of them are more or less the same except with slight differences. A set of common instructions that should be followed by all students applying in UK are:

1) Length: If the SOP is submitted as part of UCAS application of university’s own application, word limit is between 3000 to 4000 words. However, if it is submitted as an attached document, the limit is up to 2 pages.

2) Language: The SOP for all the universities in the UK have to be in English. You should also focus on grammar and spellings as it will also show your proficiency in the language which is also the medium of instruction at all universities.

3) Uniqueness: You should focus on your academic past, talk about your academic achievements in the related field and what makes you passionate for the subject. While applying for MS you should talk about the BS or any previous degree that you have in the same field.

2. University-wise Instructions for SOP for MS in UK

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while drafting SOP for MS programs of some of the top universities of the UK:

University of Oxford

The SOP for MS programs of the University of Oxford should include the reason behind applying to the university and motivation for the course. Students can use examples or experiences from their life to show your commitment to the course.

  • MS in Computer Science: up to 2 pages
  • MS in Law & Finance; MS in Criminology & Criminal Justice: 300 words
  • MS in Mathematical Sciences: Up to one A4 page
  • MS in Engineering Science: 1000 to 1500 words or 2 pages

The SOP for MS programs at the University of Oxford should generally be 1 A 4 sized page long or around 300 words.

  • It should include your previous academic details.
  • You should write about the reasons for applying for a specific MS program at the university.
  • The SOP should provide evidence of your motivation for the course.
  • Use examples or experiences to show your commitment to the course.

King’s College London

The SOP for MS programs of King’s College can be submitted by either entering directly on the application portal or as an attachment.

  • Should not be more than 4000 words or 47 lines of text if you are submitting on the application portal
  • Should not exceed 2 pages if submitted as an attachment.
  • Should include: academics, experience, reasons for applying and motivation to study in the specific MS program.

University College London

MS programs at University College London accepts SOP by two ways:

  • As a section of application form: Character limit of 3000 with spaces
  • As an attachment: Two sides of A4 pages

Following are the questions that should be answered in the SOP:

Why are you applying for a particular MS program?

  • Academic interests and educational experiences
  • Reasons for applying to UCL
  • Any relevant work experience
  • Extracurricular activities or volunteer experiences (if any)
  • Career aspirations

University of Cambridge

Most MS courses at the University of Cambridge require you to write about the modules that you will be taking up while studying at the university. You need to clearly specify your intent and your future plans. Show how your goals are in line with the course you are applying for.

3. How to Write Impressive SOP for MS in UK

Here are some tips to keep in mind while writing an SOP for MS in UK to avoid rejection and increase your chances of getting selected.

  • Do not plagiarise content at all.
  • Chalk out a rough plan to write your SOP
  • You are advised to reread what you have written and edit it to make it better.
  • Add relevant information and remove any irrelevant or less important information.
  • Do not exaggerate at all.
  • Take reviews and from your academic counselor and peers as a third- person’s view will help you make your document better.
  • Proofread your content again and again.


The content of the SOP for the UK should include details about your academics, work experience, your future goals and career objectives. You can talk about your interests and hobbies in the body. Conclusion is the closing paragraph in which you have to focus on convincing the reader about your desire to pursue the program. Write about what all makes you a suitable candidate for the MS program at the specific university.

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