Universities In Sweden

Why study in the Sweden

Higher education in Sweden is among the best in the world. The Nordic country has an excellent system, emphasizing group and independent study rather than lectures. Freedom and responsibility are the key values that support the development of students.

The number of international students enrolled at Swedish universities and colleges is continually growing, and the percentage of those who are admitted is above half. If you want to be one of those students, you should first know more about the costs of studying and living in Sweden.

Fact about the Sweden

At Swedish public universities, students who are citizens of the EU/EEA, other Nordic countries, and Switzerland do not have to pay any tuition for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Ph.D. courses are free for all international students, regardless of their country of origin.

Students from non-EU/EEA countries pay tuition fees. The costs range between 7,500 – 25,500 EUR/year depending on the study program and university. Business and Architecture are some of the most expensive courses.


The Autumn Intake in Sweden is the primary intake, and almost all the universities offer all the courses for the Autumn Intake. The Autumn Intake starts in August-September. … The students will get to know if they have been accepted into the university or not by early April. 

Top Universities in Sweden

Sweden, a country located on the Scandinavian peninsula in Northern Europe. With its unique blend of academic quality, remarkable quality of life and an open minded society, Sweden is among the most popular places for international students. Sweden holds a reputation for being one of the most modern countries in Europe. The universities and colleges in Sweden are administered by the state. Academic freedom is guarded by faculty and students.

Universities and colleges in Sweden

There are two types of educational institutions in Sweden that students can come across: Universities and University colleges. There is a main difference between university and university colleges in Sweden. The universities in Sweden need not apply for degree awarding powers but the university colleges have to request till an extent. Sweden public universities are being chartered, licensed or accredited by the appropriate authorities. They offer four year undergraduate programs, master’s and doctoral degrees as well.

The universities in Sweden carry a reputation for world class education and being the advanced countries in Europe. Sweden is home to over 35 universities and university Colleges. The universities in Sweden offer degree programs based on the Europe standards. The top universities in Sweden are mentioned below.

  •       Uppsala University
  •       KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  •       University of Gothenburg
  •       Jonkoping University
  •       Hanken School of economics

The top universities in Sweden are permitted by the Swedish Higher Education Authority. This government agency checks if the courses taught in Sweden are the top-notch quality. The courses approved by the Swedish Higher Education authority are allowed to be taught in Sweden.

Sweden is known for its openness towards the international community with an extraordinary education system and being the innovation capital of Europe. The universities in Sweden for MS are open for international students from all over the world, where there are more than a thousand degree programs taught in English.

Sweden universities for masters also provide you with different courses and programs from a variety of fields. Engineering universities in Sweden are highly desirable in Sweden. The prestigious universities offering engineering programs have high academic standards with cutting edge facilities.

Sweden universities for MBA are ranked among the top 100 in the world. The MBA program in Sweden is known throughout the world as one of the best. The MBA education model focuses on building relationships, networking and allowing students to work in groups.

Sweden medical universities are open for students and help them in acquiring knowledge which helps the treatment and prevention of illness and diseases of human beings and animals.

Best Universities in Sweden according to International Ranking

The list of universities and colleges in Sweden for international students are detailed. Here is the university list in Sweden mentioned below.

Sweden Top 10 Universities

  •       Lund University
  •       KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  •       Uppsala University
  •       Chalmers University of Technology
  •       Stockholm University
  •       University of Gothenburg
  •       Umea University
  •       Linkoping University
  •       Karlstad University
  •       Karolinska Institute

Best Colleges and Universities in Sweden according to Rankings:

University Rankings
Karolinska Institute 36
Lund University 103
Stockholm University 183
Chalmers University of Technology 201
KTH Royal Institute of Technology 201
Swedish University of Agricultural; Sciences 351
Linkoping University 401


Sweden Colleges and Universities

University Tuition Fee in USD
Uppsala University 18374
University of Gothenburg 21121
Lund University 23539
Stockholm University 22434
Umea University 13389
Royal institute of Technology 10544
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 3515
Linkoping University 15252
Lulea University of Technology 6509
Orebro University 7581

Sweden Cheap and No Tuition Universities

Most of the universities in Sweden are public and bachelors and master programs are for free for European nationals. The PhD programs are free for the entire students regardless of the country of origin.

Sweden Free Universities- EU Nationals

  •       University of Gothenburg
  •       Jonkoping University
  •       Dalarna University
  •       Lulea University of Technology

Average Tuition fee- Low Tuition fee

  •       Karolinska Institute- 16,000-19,400 EUR/ Year
  •       Uppsala University- 9300-13500 EUR/Year
  •       Lund University- 9300-25000 EUR/Year
  •       Stockholm University- 8725-13620 EUR/Year

What to study in Sweden?

The universities in Sweden for international students offer the degrees: Professional Degrees and Applied, Fine and performing Arts qualifications.

University Colleges in Sweden can offer students: professional degrees, applied, fine and performing arts qualifications, master’s degrees and doctor philosophy (PhD).

The most popular study areas offered in the top colleges in Sweden are:

  •       Computer Science
  •       Engineering
  •       Arts
  •       Environmental studies
  •       Cultural Studies

Why study in Sweden?

Here are the top reasons to study in Sweden:

  •       High Quality and Unconventional education
  •       Highly innovative country
  •       Focused on environmental sustainability
  •       Experience true diversity
  •       Easy Application process

Jobs in Sweden

Sweden is a home to a number of internationally successful corporations such as Volvo, IKEA or H&M and also some exciting startups such as Spotify. The international employers are having highly proficient English. International graduates make it fairly easy to get their foot in the Swedish Job market; even their Swedish knowledge is limited. Sweden’s government also put an effort into decreasing red tape for foreign nationals looking to join the local workforce.