Job opportunities in the UK for Indian students

Studying in the UK is considered a little on the higher side for Indian students as the cost of living is high as compared to any other preferred country. Having said that, getting placed and landing a job is more rewarding. This is because the pay scale is equally higher and the UK is a beautiful place to live in.

With the revised Visa rules, students find it more welcoming to study in the UK. The government of the UK has extended the duration of visa post-graduation from 6 weeks to 2 years.

The UK has many great courses with quality education to pursue Masters. It has great courses in Computer Science, Core engineering, Biotechnology, Management, etc.

Once the student gets admitted into a well-recognized university and is offered a Type 4 visa, he/she is ready to plan further.

What jobs can a student do with a Tier 4 visa?

The tier 4 visa or a student visa allows the student to study in the UK for fixed course duration. The same visa, unlike in countries like the USA, legally permits students to work part-time up to 20 hours a week and earn. Post-graduation, students are eligible to apply for a Post Study Work visa (PSW visa).

What jobs can a student do with a Post Study Work visa?

A Post Study Work visa is a gateway for students to apply and search for permanent jobs if he/she wishes to work in the UK post studies. The duration of a Post Study Work visa has been extended from 6 months to 2 years.

How to find job opportunities in the UK

There are quite many ways to search for jobs in the UK. Keeping in mind that it’s always better to start early, it’s better to start one’s research when in college.

  • Keep in touch with the placement cell of the college to not miss any updates on new jobs or related opportunities.
  • Have connections. It is very important to have connections that matter. Be it peers, seniors, professors, or consultants, all of them come handily in the offering, endorsing, or referring for jobs.
  • Research. After finishing a year of study, you might get a fair idea about the field in which you want to work. Start your research. Go to different company websites and look for job openings. Use sites like LinkedIn that will help you look like a good prospect to recruit to job recruiters.
  • Internships. Try doing better internships when in college. If they like your work, some internships also provide pre-placement offers (PPO). That will make your job very easy. In any other case, you always have practical experience of work to build your portfolio.

Tier 2 visa for working in the UK
After the expiration of the PSW visa, or if one wants to work for a long term in the UK, he/she has to apply for a tier 2 visa. This visa allows migrants to work in the UK for a period of approximately 6 years.

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