SOP For Australia: All You Need To Know

Statement of Purpose is required for both university and visa applications. SOP for Australia Student Visa is needed as proof of Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) and plays a major role in the determination whether an international student will be accepted for admission. It helps in making merit in the eyes of the decision committee. Thus, it is very important to write a good SOP to get admission to a desired course and university. Universities of Australia rarely ask for an SOP. So SOPs should be engaging enough to keep the admission committee hooked until the end.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. How is SOP for Australia Different?
  2. SOP for Australia Student Visa Guidelines
  3. Guidelines for Top Universities
  4. Sample Statement of Purpose for Australia

1. How is SOP for Australia Different?

One of the major differences between SOP for Australia and other countries like Canada, UK, etc is that it emphasizes more on presenting evidence and facts. The difference between SOP for Australian universities and other popular study abroad destinations are listed below:

  • In countries like Canada and USA, SOP is required for both bachelor’s and graduate programs whereas, in Australia, it is required only for business, arts, and education programs.
  • SOP for student visas is more important in Australia, unlike the USA, where the SOP for masters program plays a more pertinent role.
  • A written SOP is required in Australia whereas a video essay is also required for admission to some universities in Canada.
  • SOPs of Australia is more structured as compared to other countries such as Canada, the USA, etc.

2. SOP for Australia Student Visa Guidelines

Statement of Purpose is required while applying for the Australian visa subclass 500 as an integral part of Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE). This shows that the student is planning to stay in the country only for the duration of the studies. SOP for Australia Student Visa plays an important role in visa acceptance or denial.

How to Write Student Visa SOP for Australia?

  • Maximum limit is 3 pages
  • Written by the student (not by agent or family members)
  • English level in letter should match the student’s proficiency in language
  • Every claim or information mentioned in the statement must be supported by documents.

Topics to be covered in Student Visa SOP for Australia

Reason for Studying in Australia: Students should explain why they choose Australia over their home country or any other country. This includes information on how institutions and curriculum in this country is better than in other countries.

Economic Circumstances: SOP must establish your ability to support yourself financially while studying in Australia. It should include the following information:

  • Number of family members or dependants
  • Employment details of family
  • Family income
  • Your assets and liabilities such as properties, vehicles, mortgages, etc.

Details about Course:

  • Include information about all courses you are intending to study in the SOP for Australia
  • Write about course curriculum, duration, etc.
  • Explain the reason for choosing these courses, their relevance to your academic or professional background, and future.
  • If the course you have chosen is different from your background, explain the reason for the change in career path.

Details about University: Mention the universities to which you have applied and explain the reason for choosing these universities of Australia. If your admission is accepted in more than one university, describe which university you will select and why.

Gap in Study or Work:

  • Required only if the gap is longer than 6 months
  • Explain the reason for the gap year(s)
  • Attach documents supporting the reason

Future Goals: You should demonstrate how studying a particular course in Australia will help in fulfilling your career goals. Focus mainly on the points mentioned below:

  • Career prospects after graduation
  • Current salary offered by organizations for related job roles
  • Business plan if planning to start a business after the study

History of Travel: If you have traveled to Australia or any other country before, mention it in the SOP. Also, include details on visa applications submitted before along with reasons for acceptance or denial.

3. Guidelines for Top Universities

Statement of Purpose is required in only some of the Australian universities. Out of the top 15 universities, as per QS Ranking 2020, only 4 have SOP as an admission requirement. Here are details about the same:

SOP for University of Melbourne

  • Word limit is 500 to 600 words
  • Required by Melbourne Business School and Faculty of Arts
  • Details like work experience, extra-curricular activities, achievements, etc should be include

SOP for University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney

  • Required for preparatory courses of Arts & Science, Engineering, Business and Science at UNSW
  • SOP for Australia must be divided into the following categories:
  1. Achievements in high school: 2500 characters
  2. Reasons for applying to a program: 1000 characters
  3. How Prep program will help in preparing for degree program: 1000 characters

SOP for University of Wollongong

  • Required for education courses at University of Wollongong
  • Following questions must be answered in 250 words:
  1. Why is teaching a good career choice for you and what was the inspiration for becoming a teacher?
  2. Mention any leadership, community or learning and development activity you have been involved in.
  3. Explain your time management while planning activities along with your personal life.
  4. Describe any instance where you utilized your problem-solving skills.

SOP for Macquarie University

  • Required for Bachelor of Education program of Macquire University
  • Answer to following topics in SOP for Australia within 750 words:
  1. What was the inspiration behind choosing teaching as a career?
  2. How will you communicate effectively with people of different age groups?
  3. Outline your skills that will be useful in teaching.
  4. What role does education play in society?

4. Sample Statement of Purpose for Australia

Right before civilization education has always been regarded as gold, knowledge is power and learning is continuous. The world has greatly developed today because man continued in learning and its application solved his problems.

My name is Kane Thomas and I obtained a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pretoria, the foremost academic institution in the country, graduating with a CGPA of 5.6/7.0 (Second Class Upper). My B.Sc. thesis was titled “Computational Modelling of Electromagnetic Response of Aluminium-Copper Alloy AA2519-T6 under Dynamic Impact Loading” using the Abaqus numerical software. During my undergraduate years, I developed an avid interest in CAD, analysis, and simulation. In light of this, I self-taught CAD programs such as AutoDesk AutoCAD, Simulia Solidworks, Abaqus, and developed a fair level of skill using Python 3. My design portfolio is attached as a supporting document in my application. In line with my undergraduate industrial experience, I took up postgraduate job positions and gained extensive practical experience in the construction industry (preventive, reactive, and corrective repair of heavy earth-moving construction machinery) and telecommunications industry (field engineer and operations center specialist for power and cooling equipment at telecoms installations).

In recent decades, mankind has set its gaze to and taken giant steps towards the stars. It is my heartfelt desire to be a part of that journey and to contribute my part to the advancement of the species by being on the cutting-edge of mechanical engineering related research and design. Particularly in the fields of space travel technology, robotics, and autonomous systems, and nanotechnology, these developing fields having captured my interest and imagination.

Also, I have been greatly encouraged and challenged in my desire to continue my studies abroad by fellow scholars in the field who are currently doing the same. I also want my success and advancement to serve as a challenge and encouragement to other young engineers and professionals in my country, a country mired in numerous woes, that they need not be hampered by their circumstances and/or left behind as the world takes giant strides forward.

For these reasons, I have decided to further my education and pursue an M.Sc. in Robotics, Control & Smart Systems at the prestigious Australian National University. This will be a great step towards the achievement of my personal, life, and career goals. I have made a careful study of the school and reached out to faculty such as Professor Mark Daba and Professor Sadiq, whom I would be honored to work with as their work on robotics, mechatronics, and nanotechnology are in line with my personal and professional interest in space travel engineering and technology.

While I previously applied for and gained admission into M.Eng. RCSS for the Fall 2021 session, I was unable to take advantage of the opportunity due to my inability to qualify for a fellowship position. I hope that my current application will meet with greater success as I am convinced that the Australian National University study environment will be a novel experience that will certainly broaden my horizons, and make me an asset to the global community and humanity at large.


SOP for Australia should be written in English from the point of view of a student only even if the application is submitted by an agent. Visa SOP has more weightage than that of universities and should be given more attention. 

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