Job opportunities in New Zealand for Indian students

Many students think of the US, Canada, and the UK for higher education. These countries have been providing quality education and job opportunities for Indians for decades. However, there are some countries that Indian students do not consider much but are fairly great choices to consider, like New Zealand. For the fact, New Zealand has opened doors for humongous job opportunities for international students along with high-quality education.

Visas for Study and Work

Student visa

  • Just like any other country, with a student visa, one can stay in the country till the completion of the course work.
  • If the opted course work is for a minimum period of twelve months, the student is eligible to work part-time.
  • During class work times, the student can work up to 20 hours a week. During holidays or vacations, he/she is allowed to work for up to 40 hours a week.

Work visa

  • A student who is up for graduation has to apply for a post-study work visa to continue to stay in the country and work.
  • This post-study work visa is valid for a period of 1 to 3 years.

Residence visa

On the expiration of a post-study work visa, the temporary visa should be updated to permanent status to be able to continue working.
With the permanent visa, he/she is regarded as a citizen of the country and is eligible to do almost any job. This permanent visa is also known as a residence visa.

High paying job opportunities in New Zealand

New Zealand has extremely amazing opportunities for all technical jobs in areas like Engineering, Medicine, Bio, Pharma, Automotive, and Information Technology. With dependence on technology booming with advancements, the need for engineers and software professionals is growing everywhere. This stands the same for any country irrespective of geography and gross domestic product. Cybersecurity, data science, management, etc are some other fields that are growing to be in demand. For any other generic field jobs, New Zealand doesn’t have opportunities that fetch as much as technical jobs do.

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