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Guide to Scholarships for International Students

Almost everyone dreams of studying abroad at a good university. Sometimes, this thought might not seem very pragmatic due to affordability issues. If you are there, don’t worry. Governments and private universities across the world offer scholarships on various grounds. If you are from India, there are many scholarship programs like Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships, Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship, Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships, Great Wall Program, Inlaks Scholarship, National Overseas Scholarship Scheme by the Indian Government, GREAT Education Scholarships, etc.

Country-wise scholarship details

Scholarships in the US

  • Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund: This scholarship can only be available only by female students who want to pursue an undergraduate business degree.
  • Cornell University Tata Scholarship: This is also a scholarship for undergraduate students who want to pursue their Cornell University studies.
  • Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowships: This offers scholarships to highly accomplished or well-performed Indian students willing to pursue theirs under graduation or Masters at an accredited US university.
  • S.N. Bose Scholars Student Exchange Program for Indian Students: This scholarship program provides funding to students who want to pursue educations above the undergraduate level in the field of science, engineering, and technology.
  • Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship: People willing to do their MS and are of an age less than 30 years are eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship covers a partial fee waiver, and the remaining can be granted as a loan with a five-year payback time.
  • Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund: This is offered to Asian women students willing to study in the US.

Scholarships in Canada

  • Education Future International Scholarship 2021: Depending on the quality of resumes, LORs and applications received, past scholarship holders, offer students funding ranging from 3 to 10 lakh rupees to study in Canada.
  • Shastri Research Student Fellowship: Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute is the one that gives Shastri Research Student Fellowship (SRSF) for any level of education. This covers students of only Canadian or Indian residences.
  • National Research Council of Canada (NRCC): NRCC offers scholarships for international students who want to study and do research in Canada.
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships: This is to encourage students to enroll in doctoral research education in Canada and improve the state and standard of research. Students will have to get a nomination form from the institute he/she wishes to join.

Scholarships in the UK

  • The Chevening Scholarships: This is a one-year master’s degree scholarship program for students with impeccable academic records. The UK embassies select students based on their leadership abilities and academics.
  • The Commonwealth Scholarships: The Commonwealth scholarships are offered to students who come from a low financial background with an initiative to help them study abroad. This is only applicable to students from Commonwealth countries.
  • Scholarships by various UK universities: Universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, King’s College, etc., offer multiple scholarships.

Scholarships are also offered by other countries such as Australia, Sweden, etc. To know more and ensure you do not run out of deadlines for the same, contact our expert today.

Tips about how to apply for scholarships

  • To get a scholarship, one has to do thorough research on the various scholarships available for desirable countries or universities in specific.
  • Keep your resume, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendations, and other academic references ready while you apply for scholarships.
  • Apply in time to ensure you do not run out of any chance due to delay or crunch in the number of scholarships offered.
  • Keep checking your emails and do not risk overlooking any scholarship-related emails.

Alternatives- Loans

International students can avail loans from various banks. In many cases, some universities provide loans for their students to pursue their education and offer an acceptable payback period. All one has to do is research thoroughly to optimize in all possible ways.

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