Construction Management Degree: Everything You Need To Know About

Have you ever found yourself admiring skyscrapers and other man-made infrastructures and wondered? The engineers and construction managers who made these projects possible had years of experience and solid knowledge. If you wish to become an expert within the field, a degree in Construction Management is that the fastest thanks to have it off. This article helps you learn the advantages of studying construction management abroad than studying construction management courses in India.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. What is Construction Management?
  2. Difference between engineering and Construction Management
  3. Admission requirements
  4. Colleges and Universities
  5. How long does it get for a Construction Management degree?
  6. Tuition fees
  7. Jobs

1. What is Construction Management?

A degree in Construction Management helps students develop the abilities required to require on all the on-site responsibilities of a construction project. A number of the responsibilities you’ll have as a construction manager include:

·        Managing the budget, project expenses, and construction workers

·        Collaborating with architects, civil engineers, and other specialists

·        Updating clients on the status of the project

·        Dealing with issues like delays, safety concerns, unmet deadlines

·        Hiring subcontractors and supervising their activities

2. Difference between engineering and Construction Management

Civil Engineering and Construction Management have many things in common, but they’re two different fields and need different education and professional experience. The most distinction between them is that the indisputable fact that engineering focuses on all the aspects concerning an infrastructure project. This involves planning, budgeting, environmental safety, construction materials, legal permits, etc.

Construction Management, on the opposite side, deals with the onsite aspects of a construction project. Construction management degree is where hands-on experience is more important, as construction managers work directly with materials, techniques, and engineers to require designs and transform them into real constructions.

A civil engineering degree will allow you to figure in both fields. All you wish to make your mind up is whether or not you wish to be more involved within the entire development and planning process or if you wish to become a construction manager and take the on-site responsibilities of construction projects.

3. Admission requirements

Requirements will vary from one study program of the construction management courses. These are a number of the foremost common documents you’ll must submit during your application for a Construction Management course:

For Bachelor’s

·        Minimum scores for English exams: IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 60-90 (varies at each university)

·        Academic transcripts

·        GPA score

·        CV

For masters

·        Minimum scores for English exams: IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 80-90

·        Bachelor’s in Civil or Construction Engineering, Architecture, or other related fields

·        Academic transcript

·        GPA score

·        CV

4. Colleges and Universities

According to QS Rankings, these are a number of the most ranked universities and colleges where you’ll study Construction management courses and civil engineering degrees:

·        Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in the US

·        University of Cambridge, in the UK

·        Delft University of Technology, within the Netherlands

·        The port Polytechnic University, in port

·        University of Sydney, in Australia

5. How long does it get for a Construction Management degree?

Normally, it’ll take you 3 years to earn a Construction Management Bachelor’s degree in Europe and 4 years in North America. If you’re going for masters in construction management, it’ll normally take between 1-2 years to graduate.

6. Tuition fees

For bachelor’s in Construction Management, tuition costs start at 1,400 EUR and might reach 41,000 EUR/academic year.

For Masters in Construction Management, tuition fees vary between 2,000 EUR – 51,000 EUR/academic year.

Here are some countries that provide affordable Construction Management courses:

·        Ireland

·        Denmark

·        Italy

·        Lithuania

7. Jobs

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’ll be an 11% increase in Construction Management jobs by 2026. This is not surprising in any aspect, considering the continuing expansion of the human population and therefore the need for more houses and workspaces. As cities expand and new ones are built, the globe will be more jobs for construction management degrees and more skilled construction managers, civil engineers, and designers.

If you wish to figure within the construction management jobs, you’ll need a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or a Construction Manager Certificate attesting your abilities and skill. The trouble to mass these diplomas is worthwhile, as Construction Management jobs and salaries are very rewarding. Below is the listed number of the foremost popular jobs during this field and therefore the average annual salaries within the U.S. consistent with Glassdoor. The salaries of construction management graduates are high when compared to construction manager salaries in India.

·        Site Engineer – 86,000 USD/year

·        Construction Manager – 77,000 USD/year

·        Facilities Manager – 71,000 USD/year

·        Sustainability Consultant – 65,000 USD/year

·        CAD Technician – 49,000 USD/year

By studying a degree in Construction Management, you have got the chance to find out the newest trends and techniques within the field. Add environmental awareness and cutting-edge technologies within the mix, and you’ll graduate as an inspired and professional construction manager who’ll ensure that the buildings of tomorrow are going to be safer, easier, and eco-friendly.

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