Academic Transcripts: An Important Guide For 2021

So many styles of qualifications, numerous names of certificates, it’s quite natural to be confused on what an academic transcript is and the way it differs from a degree or diploma. This article allows you to understand everything about academic transcripts. You’ll have clarity on these:

·        Where to seek out or get a Transcript from?

·        When and why a Transcript is required?

·        How to use a Transcript?

We will discuss these aspects including the opposite common names of what academic transcripts are to avoid further confusion.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. What are Academic Transcripts?
  2. What is a Transcript of Record?
  3. Documents known as transcripts
  4. What is the difference between a Degree, Diploma, and Transcript?
  5. When do students need a Transcript of Records? When to request one?
  6. When and Why a Transcript is required? How to use it?
  7. What documents are required to support a transcript for applying abroad?

1. What are Academic Transcripts?

A transcript is proof of education. It’s a close record of all the themes you’ve got studied along with your scores within the type of marks or grades given by the institution of study. The transcript certificate is awarded by the university-affiliated to the college or institution.

2. What is a Transcript of Record?

Transcript of Record is another name for transcript. There is no difference. Academic transcripts meaning is also known as transcript of record. The university transcript has different names. Different names of transcript certificates are mentioned below.

3. Documents known as transcripts

Transcripts are known as mark sheets in India. Mark sheet or mark list is an academic transcript or university transcript.  Given below is list of other names of Transcripts:

·        Mark sheets

·        Mark list

·        Academic Certificates

·        Report Card

·        Diploma certificate

·        Statement of Learning

·        Record of achievement

·        Academic record

·        Cumulative Record File

·        Permanent Record

·        Transcript of Record

You do need to have all these documents. These are just alternate names of the academic transcripts and proof of the qualifications you hold.

4. What is the difference between a Degree, Diploma, and Transcript?

The difference between transcript and mark sheet is discussed below.

 Though all the documents — Transcript, Degree, Diploma, Certificate, and Mark Sheet — are proof of completing an education qualification, a Transcript is different than a Diploma or a Degree.

Diploma/Degree/Certificate: the ultimate certificate you receive upon completing your educational qualification is named a Degree or a Diploma or a Certificate depending upon the character of the program pursued.

Transcript of Records (ToR): The mark sheet which covers all the tutorial records of a student is named a Transcript or ToR. It implies a sheet that contains the list of all the courses/subjects studied, grades received against each column, the awards and achievements of the scholar and also the degrees granted to the code for the complete academic program. There’s no limit on the knowledge that might be provided during a transcript.

An academic transcript format must have the following information:

·        Full name of the statement

·        Full name of institution with Location

·        Board or Education of school Education and University name for college education

·        Full name of the course

·        Semester wise/ subject wise mark list

The academic transcript sample may or might not have the subsequent information:

·        The overall grade received by the scholar for the whole academic course/year .

·        The total number of scholars within the class (overall strength of the category to check where a specific student ranks).

·        The average grade of the category to specify where a specific student stands

Note: A transcript must always be signed with a stamp by the registry of the institution so it should function as an officer letter-headed paper.

5. When do students need a Transcript of Records? When to request one?

To attend a school or university abroad, the applicants must provide the admission committee with a collection of documents to support their previous academic qualifications. These documents are called Academic Transcripts or Transcripts of Records. As proof of completing your school, under-graduation, or post-graduation, these documents are mandatory to justify your suitability for the program that you simply aspire to pursue.

6. When and Why a Transcript is required? How to use it?

Students must produce the transcripts while making an application to an abroad university to attend the selection of their course. Students should keep their documents handy as soft copies to upload then and there to complete an application. Some universities abroad require their students to channelize hard copies of their transcripts through courier. It’s recommended to read the university requirements thoroughly before sending out your documents.

  • Which transcript is required for that course?

As per the overall requirements, you would like the transcripts of the newest course studies. Those applying to a graduate degree abroad need the transcripts for his or her undergraduate education. Those applying to an undergraduate degree abroad need the transcripts of their school Education (12th grade) or Pre-University Education (Undergraduate Diploma). However, in rare cases, the schools may provide proof of your last two or more qualifications. In any case, the colleges always specify what they require. Most of the graduate schools don’t need your school transcripts for Masters or MBA courses.

  • What do you do about transcripts if you’re in your final year?

Those still pursuing their latest qualification or awaiting results might not have access to their current transcript. They’re going to compass upon the completion of their respective courses after the annual exam results are declared by the board of conduct. Applicants going to apply for higher studies while pursuing their last year of education would wish a number of the opposite proof of their academics. They ought to submit an interim/provisional transcript that may be applied from the institution of study with a close chart of scores or grades received thus far.

7. What documents are required to support a transcript for applying abroad?

The academic transcript covers the ultimate legion of all of your subjects. To point out your backlog history, you wish your institution to produce you with a backlog certificate. Some universities need this certificate as proof of whether or not you have had any backlogs. In some countries, backlogs have an enormous impact on the probabilities of your admission.

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