SOP For Germany: An Informative Guide

An SOP for Germany is commonly referred to as Letter of Motivation (LOM), wherein applicants share their experiences & skills to highlight their motivation to pursue studies in Germany. It should be of 500- 1000 words focusing on your inspiration to pursue higher education in Germany. It is mandatory only for students seeking admission in postgraduate degree programs. SOP for Germany is to be submitted via uni-assist instead of individual universities.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. How to Write the Uni-Assist Essay?
  2. Sample SOP for Germany
  3. Tips to Improve the Essay

1. How to Write the Uni-Assist Essay?

An SOP for German universities is easier than for other countries. There are some questions that must be answered in your letter of motivation. These include,

1) Why do you want to study in Germany instead of India? Here, you can show how education in Germany is cheaper than in India, how you can get international exposure at a cheap price.

2) Why are you the right person for this program? Refer to the skills and knowledge you gained in previous qualifications. How they will be useful. Also mention relevant work experience you have gained over the years.

3) What are your professional goals after completing this program? Due to its affordable education system, German universities receive thousands of applications. Therefore, it is important for them to know how you are going to use your degree in the future. Be as honest and specific as you can be.

4) How will this program help you contribute to the development of your home country? While answering this, refer to facts, your own experiences, and even the books.

2. Sample SOP for Germany

Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamt of becoming an Electrical Engineer. From a very early age, I used to disintegrate electrical gadgets and try to figure out how they work. Being an engineer himself, my father taught me the beauty of electronics and physics. He’s my motivation behind working hard and doing whatever it takes to achieve success. I intend to pursue an electrical engineering degree at [Applied University’s Name] in order to build my research skills and gain extensive knowledge with the help of your dynamic curriculum. Your world-class faculty can teach me how new innovations take place and contribute to my goal of becoming an able electrical engineer.

My specific areas of interest are in the field of electronics, thermal power generation, and electromagnetism. I’m very much eager to learn more about these technologies and skills. Your training and research programs will help me serve the technical industries and learn the practical aspects of being an engineer. I’ve completed a project in thermal power generation during my undergraduate studies under [Professor’s Name] and received the best project award which has made me more interested in the field.I’ve always been academically excellent. I’ve scored 97% in 12th standard and have been a merit student while pursuing my undergraduate degree at [present institution’s name] too. My undergraduate studies helped me explore various fields of electrical engineering and instilled an irresistible inclination towards research. I’ve always been a curious kid and my teachers have helped me in every way possible. They have cleared innumerable doubts that I used to have and they gave me opportunities to grow and develop my academic skills. This has allowed me to understand how the latest technologies have developed. The well-structured curriculum at [present institution’s name] is the main reason for my strong foundation in the fundamentals and basics of electrical engineering. I’ve participated in a plethora of competitions and bagged a number of awards. I’ve qualified for national and international Olympiads and represented my country on a global level in mathematics and physics olympiads and quiz. I was also the class representative and thus was an active part of the programs and college festivals.

Recently, I’ve successfully completed a paid internship with [Name of the Company] where I worked with the research and technical team for three months. The work included power generation and distribution, maintenance of lift systems, and electrical control systems. This internship also taught me any professional skills that will help me further in life such as team spirit, leadership abilities, and development of organizational skills. I’ve also been a part of my college’s robotics club which has assisted me in gaining skills in technology, engineering, and mathematics. I’ve also developed my social skills and cooperation skills through this club.

I have also been deeply interested in writing since my middle school and I still continue doing that despite my different academic field. I have realized that writing and expressing my thoughts are my comfort space. I spend my leisure time reading novels and books. I feel motivated and inspired by many authors. The art of writing has always been fascinating for me and so I opened my own technical blog where I merged my technical knowledge and writing skills and shared it with the public.

The master’s program at [university’s name you’re applying to] complements my career aspirations. I’m very excited about the research labs at your university and I assure you that I can serve your community and research team. My capabilities and aspirations are suitable for your university’s master’s program requirements. I’ll be glad to be a student at your university. I’ll be honored to pursue my degree in your esteemed university.

3. Tips to Improve the Essay

By now, you know how Letter of Motivation for German universities is different from others and what all should be included in the essay. To help you further, we have listed down some points which will help you improve your SOP for Germany:

  • Read samples available at DAAD & the official websites of German universities.
  • Work on the first draft without any restrictions as it will help you analyse what you really want to incorporate in your essay.
  • Remember that an ideal SOP for Germany shouldn’t be longer than 1-2 pages; free of spelling error.
  • It’s true that you shouldn’t overwrite or over-explain anything, but it is also significant to ensure that you have provided enough explanation.
  • Do not repeat your CV, you will be asked to submit that separately. Focus on experiences that inspired you to study the chosen program in Germany.


In piles of application documents, a statement of purpose is a written essay that convinces the admission officer of your suitability for the program. SOP for Germany or any other country like the USA, Canada, UK, etc. should have a proper structure and be written in a professional manner. 

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