IELTS Slot Booking: An Informative Overview For 2021

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration. For all those planning to study abroad in an English speaking country must give their IELTS exam. In order to take the IELTS exam you must book an IELTS slot. You should check the official website for slot booking. Opt the appropriate dates for IELTS exam and proceed for the slot booking. Also make sure you got enough time to prepare before moving with the slot booking. You have to check the deadlines of the universities for submitting the IELTS scores. So check the dates and deadlines of the colleges and universities and decide the best date for IELTS exam slot booking.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. Steps in IELTS registration
  2. IELTS Slot Booking online- Computer Delivered Exam
  3. Test Centers available for Slot booking
  4. IELTS Test Centers

1. Steps in IELTS registration

Here is the slot booking procedure,

Step 1: Check the IELTS website for slot booking

Step 2: Check the nearest IELTS test center and slot booking availability of the test date which suits you

Step 3: Register for the exam on the IELTS official website and pay the slot booking fee (registration fee) of 14,700 INR. You can also download a registration form and submit at the local center.

Step 4: The confirmed slot booking date and time will be sent by the test center.

Step 5: The speaking test will be conducted a week before or after the test. IELTS speaking booking can be made online.

The online booking of slots can be made directly on the website. But here are the key points to remember while booking the IELTS slot online.

·        The candidates must be of the age of 16

·        Carry a valid passport for the exam

·        Make sure the information you give while registering matches the information on the passport.

2. IELTS Slot Booking online- Computer Delivered Exam

IELTS academic and IELTS general exams can be taken through a computer-delivered test. The IELTS academic slot booking is made easy. With the computer-based IELTS test, there are more test dates available and chose the slot booking online at your convenience and receive the results from three to five days. The general slot booking is also the same as the academic slot booking.

3. Test Centers available for Slot booking

Register for the IELTS test and you will be asked to select the city and date of preference. The IELTS test centers are across 67 locations across India and you can book the test at any IELTS registration center.

4. IELTS Test Centers

Here is the list of IELTS test centers in India:

·        Ahmedabad

·        Ambala

·        Amritsar

·        Bangalore

·        Bhopal

·        Bhubaneswar

·        Calicut

·        Chandigar

·        Coimbatore

·        Dehradun

·        Firozpur

·        Ghandinagar

·        Goa

·        Gurgaon

·        Hyderabad

·        Indore

·        Jaipur

·        Kannur

·        Kochi

·        Kolkata

·        Lucknow

·        Mumbai

·        Madurai

·        Mangalore

·        Nagpur

·        Noida

·        New Delhi

·        Pune

·        Patiala

·        Rajkot

·        Raipur

·        Thane

·        Trivadrum

·        Tirupati

·        Vadodara

·        Vijayawada

·        Visakhpatnam

Check the official website of IELTS and book the IELTS test slots at our convenience. Prepare well and give your best to score high.

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