Part Time Jobs in Ireland for International Students

Ireland is an island nation located on the edge of Europe. The country is known as the Emerald isle. Ireland is known for its history, culture and vibrant nightlife. Ireland is one of the more attractive study destinations for many students.

Many universities in Ireland rank impressively well at the international level. The country as a whole is understandably a popular choice for international students. The varied selection of higher education combines Irish colleges and universities along with historic cities and beautiful countryside and unique culture make Ireland a highly attractive study destination.

One of the major advantages of pursuing higher studies in Ireland for international students is the student-friendly visa policies and work while studying. You can have a job in Ireland and work during your semester and on your vacation. Part time jobs in Ireland are easy to get as there are many universities and colleges which welcome international students. The universities and colleges also open jobs in Ireland and part time jobs in Ireland for students. The universities should be aware of the student visa regulations and create job opportunities in Ireland. They allocate the part time jobs in Ireland for international students. 

In this article, let us look at:

  1. Work Permissions on Student Visa
  2. Types of Part-Time Jobs in Ireland

1. Work Permissions on Student Visa

Indian students will receive a stamp on their passport as they are international students in Ireland. International Students on Irish student visa take up a full time course and take up a job or part time job in Ireland. Part time jobs in Ireland for students are not only open to Indian students but also to international student who are on Irish student visa. Indian students are allowed to work 20 hours a week during the semester and 40 hours a week on holidays. 

Jobs in Ireland are open to international students who are on the Interim list of Eigible programs (IELP), ould receive a stamp 2A on passport. If the visa is not stamped 2A on the passport, then you are not allowed to do a part-time job in Ireland. 

2. Types of Part-Time Jobs in Ireland

Many students in Ireland seek part time employment while studying in Ireland. The job opportunities in Ireland for International students have become bit difficult for students over the past year due to the down turn in the global economy. The part time job opportunities in Ireland for Indian students and international students are advertised and posted through various mediums. 

  • University Notice boards
  • Daily Newspapers- Irish independent, Evening Herald, Irish Times, etc
  • Shop windows
  • Cafes, garages and restaurants

The following websites are also a good source of job listings:

The different types of part time jobs in Ireland for international students are as below:

  • Restaurants/bars/cafes
  • Entertainment events
  • Call centers/customer service
  • Tutoring
  • Cleaning
  • Retail
  • Assistants

To be eligible to work part-time, you need to be:

  • Registered with local police known as Garda National immigration Bureau- GINB
  • Accepted to a course recognized by the minister for education and skills
  • Enrolled in a full time course or above NFQ level 7
  • Attending classes between 8 AM and 6 PM per week
  • Enrolled in a course with at least one year duration

Students who are eligible to work part time in Ireland need to acquire a Personal Public services Number. This is required for your employer to be able to pay you. Also you need to open an account with any Irish bank as the payments can be made only to an Irish account. 

Having prior experience will definitely increase your chances of securing a part-time job in Ireland. This is not mandatory. The minimum wages for part time work in Ireland cities such as Dublin are 10-12 Euros per hour. The wages outside Dublin are 8-9 euros per hour. Students who are looking forward to study in Ireland are advised to have saving along with part-time jobs in Ireland as they would not suffice the living expenses. 

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