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    Studying abroad has been among the top priorities of students and parents. Studying abroad helps students get degrees in a few of the most reputed universities in the world and allows them to develop their personality, communication, understanding, intermingling ability, etc. Though it might seem like a complicated process to finally get admission to the desired university, it is not so with EDMIUM at your reach.

    George Mason University

    We are a progressive, diverse university and our leadership reflects that. We come from many different backgrounds, many different places, and each of us brings something different to the table. It is these very contrasts that allow us to look beyond the expected as we share the responsibility and commitment to ensure the success of our students in their academic goals, personal lives, careers, communities and whatever other endeavors they may choose to pursue. Our graduates go on to become involved, caring and contributing members of society, who seek to make a positive imprint. It’s the best lesson we teach.
    • MS in Systems Engineering
    • MS in Applied and Engineering Physics
    • MS in Applied information Technology
    • Ms in Bio Engineering
    • MS in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
    • Ms in Computational Science
    • MS in Computer Engineering
    • MS in Computer Science
    • MS in Data Analytics Engineering
    • MS in Electrical Engineering
    • MS in Geoinformatics & geospatial intelligence
    • MS in health informatics
    • MS in Information security and Assurance
    • MS in Information systems
    • MS in Software Engineering
    • MS in Systems Engineering
    • MS in Technology Management
    • MS in Telecommunications
    • MS in Finance
    • Mason Merit Scholarships
    • Mason Foundation Scholarships
    • Renewal of Mason Scholarships
    • Outside (External) Scholarships
    Want to know where to eat, sleep, study, join a club, take the shuttle to D.C. or catch a Patriots basketball game? You’ve come to the right place. This is your go-to source for everything Mason. We’ve got you covered. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, just ask. That’s what we’re here for. We want you to have an amazing experience at Mason—from the day you arrive until the day you graduate and beyond.

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