Finance Guide

We all have a lot of dreams to achieve but without the financial assistance, it will become an uphill task. When you are planning to study abroad, finances are the most important aspect to get an admission from your dream University and could be a challenging task if you are not sure about which country to go to, which University or course to apply to and what documents you need for the application, the funding and the Visa processing. That’s where Edmium steps in for all your queries throughout the process from start to finish. Edmium has expert counsellors who can carefully guide the student and the parent in the whole process effortlessly due to longstanding relationships with the Universities in different countries and a lot of experience in the field.

Edmium offers great assistance in terms of Student loans or Education loans as we have extensive knowledge about all the National Banks in India, other approved financial bodies and private banks who would like to provide student loans for reasonable interest rates.


We at Edmium very well understand the importance and costs involved in studying abroad both for a student and the parent. Studying in overseas is a very expensive affair and it involves huge sums of money like student visa fee, flight ticket, University fees, student health insurance, daily expenses, stationery, rent, rental bond, bills, etc. The Universities abroad offer numerous scholarships to deserving merit students on their tuition fees. Most of the times, students have to support their own education, travel and living expenses all by themselves due to limited number of scholarships the Universities offer.
At Edmium, we offer support to students by providing safe and secure financial aid to apply for their own student loan with funding institutions. We work closely with the student’s funding process to ensure the student is granted a private loan or approach the national banks for educational loans. Thereby, ensuring admission process is complete and the student lands in his/her dream University.

It is very important that the student plans his/her funding well in advance to avoid delays in the process as the student could potentially miss an opportunity for an upcoming intake and would have to wait for the next one.
Edmium assists the students on how to plan, how to righteously pool the funds and present the funds to the University in a proper way for an admission to be successful.