Education Loan for high-potential students like you. Our education loan aims to remove the biggest hurdle students face when dreaming of higher education financing. It’s our aim to help bridge the gap between personal potential and financial feasibility for students seeking education beyond K-12, both in India as well as overseas. We understand the effort you’ve put in to reach where you are and that’s why we provide convenient and comprehensive educational loans that help you achieve all your goals.

Foreign education requires an individual to have a strong financial backing. If you don’t think you have the required funds so as to be able to afford a foreign education, we, at Edmium, provide you with huge options. There are bank loans
available from various banks, including nationalised banks, which can be used by students so as to facilitate their studies abroad.

There are essentially types of educational loans available for students:

  • If the loan required is below 7 lakh then it is offered without a mortgage.

  • If the loan required exceeds 7 lakh it is offered against the mortgage.

We not only do we inform students about loans we also put them in touch with the concerned individuals at these institutions. Over and above this we also assist students in preparing the required documentation that allows them to acquire the loan.