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About Us

University admissions come with a wave of doubts and questions: which course is the right fit? Which university offer this course? What is your best bet for admission, qualifying scores, cut off marks, scholarships, future prospects and many other roadblocks that stand in between you and your admission to a future university campus? We at Edmium facilitate easy access to information, ensuring that your path to dream university is stress free.

Future accountants, scientists and engineers. Film makers, teachers and entrepreneurs. First-generation students and fourth. We believe there is a perfect university and career path for every single student. That’s why we get to know you first, then tailor a specific path for your needs through the university search, application, decision, and finance process.


  • We are a network acting as a bridge to connect universities and students for overseas education through our AI enabled advanced matching algorithm helping students get the highest amount of scholarships and helping universities find special talent.


  • We are established in 2015 with zeal to fill in the gaps for Indian students seeking to study abroad. We are the first to help students with admissions for any university globally, without being restricted to a specific region or country.




  • We Specialize in VISA processing for all countries.

A Bespoke Solution to every student admission

At Edmium, you will be welcomed by our highly qualified team who stay well connected with the university’s admission department. We constantly search top career driving courses and universities bringing them under our purview to help you know and access them. We take personal attention for each student to focus on every minor detail preparing you to jump start your university – by giving you a fair picture on admission chances, scholarship eligibilities, calibrate applications; essays and fine-tune your academics achievements to ultimately make you a right fit for the top universities and courses of your choice.

We believe in empowering you

Having reached this phase of academic life may have taken a lot of patience, hard work, and perseverance. We are here to take you a notch higher to by opening the path to hassle free admission process, ensuring you put your best foot forward to conquer the world out there. Your smooth sailing to the first day of university is our guarantee.