At Edmium, we offer complete 360-degree admission services as listed below. We design a custom goal sheet for each student, basis which we work inline with you to accomplish all the admission sprints as per laid timelines.


University List Building

A university list should be carefully constructed with schools that fit your preferences, strategically reaching for excellence, but with the comfort of many other great options well within your reach.

You and your advisor will assess three core dimensions to construct your university list: academic fit, financial fit, and social/cultural fit.

Academic Fit

While your academic test scores, grades/CGPA/Percentages contribute to a large extent, they aren’t everything at the end. Your counselor will evaluate your entire academic timeline, understand distinctive achievements which you have, bring them to the limelight to help you get admission in top Universities. They work parallel with you on various application areas that in turn strengthen your acceptance chances.

Financial Fit

At Edmium, we understand that each of you has a different financial position. Basis your unique financial situation, our counselors will shortlist top Universities that are academically and financially a fit choice for you keeping in mind the monetary aspects.

Social & Cultural Fit

At Edmium, we feel Universities are not just limited to academics but a lot more than that. We perceive Universities as learning and development grounds- A culture that you will carry for an entire life. They lay down a roadmap of your thought process that will directly help in shaping your personality. In our consultation, we try to focus on areas of your likes, dislikes, social activity, and adaptability to list down Universities as per your socio-economic temperament.


Edmium, is built with a vision of empowering students who seek admissions abroad, by being their guiding force in every step of the admission process. We at Edmium pave a path in a holistic manner, bridge the knowledge gaps and fulfill dreams, for those of you who wish to study abroad.

Our counseling, score analysis, university search algorithm, and macro-level student evaluation are what make us different from the rest.