Why You Should Study Religion Abroad

Studying abroad provides students with a good chance to explore the globe, and to be told more about the world that we live in. for college students who wish to study Religion is often for an identical reason on why students study religion abroad. You should understand the benefits of studying religion and the scope after the education. Check out the Pros and cons of the study of religion below.

The pros and cons of religious studies study abroad study abroad

Pro: Visit sacred places and non secular sites

At school you’ll study Christianity, Judaism, or variety of other religions, but imagine actually studying within the places where the world’s religions began. Leave behind the textbooks and classroom walls, and make your study abroad country your classroom instead.

Beyond the religions you have already learned about, you may have the prospect to be told about religions you’ll never have heard about before! As an example, if you study abroad in Japan you’ll be able to study Shintoism and witness the rituals being practiced. Or, if Italy is your destination, you’ll find out about the religions of ancient Rome through visiting a renaissance palace owned by the Vatican.

Con: Takes removed from your opportunity to find out subjects you don’t usually study

If you’re someone who majors or minors in study of god and religion at your home university, studying religion during some time abroad means you would possibly miss out on the chance to require classes you don’t have time to require back home. While it’s great to do new subjects while you study abroad, your study abroad schedule doesn’t necessarily have to be exclusive to new classes or religion classes. 

Pro: Creates a powerful sense of belonging

Studying religion abroad, and being surrounded by others who share your interest within the subject, will be quite helpful in alleviating this experience of feeling alone! It will be comforting to grasp you instantly have something in common with other students and something to speak about. In college, you’re often surrounded by people studying all varieties of subjects. But on ways of studying religion Studies study abroad program, a robust sense of community will immediately be created since everyone on the program is studying the identical thing.

Con: It could limit your options of where to check abroad

It won’t come as a shock that Religious Studies study abroad programs don’t seem to be offered in every country you may possibly consider visiting study abroad. However, there are many great study abroad locations that provide Religious Studies programs!

Pro: a good learning environment

With a subject matter as specific as Religious Studies, your classes are likely to be a smaller size than another subject. This suggests you’ll expect personal attention from professors and more interaction along with your peers at school. This ensures you may get the foremost out of some time abroad, and can easily meet and spend time with people while studying abroad!

Con: Language barriers

It is one thing to require a category for fun, with the chance of a roadblock, but it’s another thing to risk taking a category with a possible barrier that you simply need so as to graduate. Some study abroad classes could be taught within the local language, otherwise you may well be required to jot down and speak fluently during a different language for your assignments.

While language barriers are real, there are approaches to study of religion and many study abroad programs where the classes are taught in English, and not within the local language. Before going abroad, ensure to research the language of classes and know the amount of fluency of a language which may be expected of you.

Pro: Tangibly useful for once you return home

Some students struggle with the dilemma of wanting to study abroad but also needing to graduate on time and not fall behind on requirements for their major. If you’re a spiritual Studies major, taking Religious Studies classes abroad may well be the answer for you! you’ll learn information while abroad that may facilitate your fulfill graduation requirements and help your future career, all at the identical time!

Con: It’s expensive

It’s no secret that studying abroad is often a fashionable endeavor. Between travel costs, tuition, housing, local transportation, and college supplies, the prices can really add up. While it’s true that you just can take Religious Studies courses without going abroad, the topics you study will come to life a whole lot more after you study them in the places the religions were created and after you excursion to places connected to a spread of religions.

Pro: Gain a greater understanding of the globe

Studying Religious Studies during some time abroad will provide you with the possibility to be told from different perspectives, engage first hand with religious history, and speak with people that come from a spread of non secular backgrounds and practices. You may return home more knowledgeable, more open, and more prepared to interact with the planet within the future.

There are so many alternative ways you’ll be able to study abroad, so many choices, from location to sort of program, to the classes you’re taking. Yet, after you study religion abroad, you’ll have even more fun, because it means you’ve got the prospect to mix two of your interests together: exploring the globe, and studying something you’re keen about, from a replacement angle!

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