What Are Associate Degrees? Why Study an Associate Degree in 2021?

In the wake of completing secondary school, most students definitely know what they need to do. Many take a crack at a Bachelor’s program, others take a whole year gap, and however shouldn’t something be said about students who pick Associate degrees?

What is an associate degree, and what do they offer in academic education and employment opportunities?  To know more about the associate degrees, check this article.

What is an associate degree?

An Associate or Associate’s degree is a two-year academic program presented at the undergrad level. The fundamental objective of Associate degrees is to provide students with the fundamental abilities and information that permits them to begin working in a specific field.

Associate degrees are generally famous in the United States, where you can typically study them at community college, specialized, or junior schools. In the United Kingdom, they have Foundation Degrees, which are practically the same. Yet, one can experience them in different nations, as:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Turkey
  • Denmark

There are two kinds of students who apply for an Associate degree:

  •  Students who need to utilize the Associate diploma as an official calling, which works on their odds of being employed
  •  Students who see the Associate degree course as a venturing stone or groundwork for a Bachelor’s certification

What are the various sorts of Associate degrees?

There are kinds of Associate degrees. Here are associate degree examples:

Associate of Arts (AA)

Associate of Science (AS)

Associate of Applied Arts (AAA)

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

Unlike other degree types and titles, the difference between them is clear. AA and AS degrees are intended for students who intend to try out a Bachelor’s program later on.

AAA and AAS degrees are more practical and training students and showing them abilities that can be applied at a work environment straight after graduation. Other normal sorts of Associate degrees include:

  •  Associate of Business Administration (ABA)
  •  Associate of General Studies (AGS)
  •  Associate of Applied Business (AAB)

Admission requirements for Associate degrees

One of the benefits of associate degree is the lesser prerequisites. Here are a couple of common requirements utilized by colleges and schools:

  •  High school diploma
  •  Average GPA: 2.0 – 2.5
  •  Proof of English proficiency: TOEFL iBT (60 – 70), IELTS Academic (5.5 – 6.5), or PTE Academic (50)
  •  Official transcript of records (grades)
  •  Application fee

For some associate degree diploma programs, you may be needed to give extra records, similar to SAT, ACT, or CLT test results, papers, or even a higher GPA (over 3.0).

How much does an Associate degree cost?

Tuition fee for Associate degree courses change from one college to country and another.

You can expect to pay somewhere in the range of 2,400 and 20,000 EUR/year or more. Denmark offers free Associate degrees, however just to EU/EEA students. At the contrary limit, some Associate degrees in the US can cost more than 30,000 EUR/year.

Associate degree vs bachelor degree

Both Associate and Bachelor’s are undergraduate college degrees; you can possibly apply for a Master’s if you hold a bachelors diploma.

Associate degrees usually require 2 years to finish – a lot quicker when compared to 4 years for most Bachelors in the US and 3 years for most Bachelors in Europe.

Associate degrees are more affordable, with tuition fee normally running between 2,400 – 20,000 EUR each year. Bcahelors programs can regularly cost 30,000, 40,000 or more than 50,000 EUR each year, particularly in the United States.

It’s easy to apply for an Associate degree on account of the less prerequisites.

You need 60 credits (or acknowledge hours) to graduate with an Associate degree and 120 credits for a Bachelor’s. Depending upon the kind of Associate certificate you study, you can move up to 60 credits towards your Bachelor’s program, and accordingly finish it quicker.

Famous Associate degrees you can apply

Associate degrees are exceptionally famous, given the advantages they offer to students. Here are some of the most popular associate degrees:

  •  Associate degrees in Business
  •  Associate degrees in Accounting
  •  Associate degrees in Criminal Justice
  •  Associate degrees in Computer Science
  •  Associate degrees in Psychology

You may even have the option to move your Associate course credits and study 2 years out of the 3 or 4 for the Bachelor’s program. To accomplish this, courses should be viable, and the college should permit this kind of credit transfer. Your establishment can offer more point by point direction on this.

As long as you have a very much planned professional path and realize what’s in store, an Associate degree can undoubtedly turn into a resource on your CV.

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