Study Aerospace Engineering in the UK

Aerospace Engineers research and develop aircraft and its associated technologies. The topic is mostly split into aeronautical engineering, concerned with atmospheric vehicles like planes, and astronautic engineering, which focuses on aircraft and components which leave the atmosphere, like satellites.

Masters in aerospace engineering in UK modules cover a variety of related disciplines, all of which are necessary to make a full engineering team. MS in aerospace engineering in the UK include hydraulics, mathematics, software design, propulsion and materials science. A stress on technical and management skills, in addition to maths, physics and hydraulics, implies that other branches of engineering and research are hospitable graduates.

Graduate Aerospace Engineering Careers and Salary

Aerospace Engineering in UK graduates find roles in areas like aircraft and component design, aircraft manufacture, maintenance and testing, flight simulation, patent engineering, systems engineer and structures engineer.
Aerospace Engineering in the UK employment opportunities are available at a variety of companies involved within the design and manufacture of aircraft and associated aspects of the industry. Huge companies like Rolls-Royce Engines, British Airways, Airbus, BAE Systems and therefore the Ministry of Defense constantly observe UK Aerospace Engineering graduates when recruiting.

Here is the aerospace engineering salary in UK listed below:

  •  Average starting professional salary: £26,000
  •  Average starting non-professional salary: £17,000

Aerospace Engineering Entry Requirements

  • Typical International Baccalaureate requirements: Minimum 34 points.
  • Typical A-levels requirements: AAB including Mathematics and Physics.
  • Typical IELTS requirements: 6.0 overall, with no under 5.5 in anybody component.

Where can I study in the UK?

Here is the Aerospace engineering universities in UK mentioned below:

University of Cambridge

  •       Imperial College London
  •       University of Bath
  •       University of Bristol
  •       University of Strathclyde
  •       University of Glasgow
  •       University of Southampton
  •       University of Nottingham
  •       Loughborough University
  •       University of Sheffield

The best universities in the UK for aerospace engineering are discussed. You can check the best courses and universities in the UK for aerospace engineering and have the best career.

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