Part Time Jobs in Canada: An Easy Guide

By studying in Canada, you get a great job experience, especially if you want to apply for PR. On the Canadian student visa, you can work for 20 hours/week for Part Time Jobs in Canada. This is the highest number of hours that you can work. You are free to work for a lesser number of hours. Normally, those students who work for 12 hours a week will be recommended by the universities. You can reduce the number of working hours if you feel you are not able to keep up a work-life balance.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. Monetary Pay
  2. How to find a part-time job?
  3. Top part-time jobs in Canada

1. Monetary Pay

For part-time jobs, students get paid for their work by the number of hours. If your aim is just to help your professor with your research work, and not to earn money, then you do not need a work permit. This kind of work has to be on-campus . It is paid less . You can work beyond the number of hours. Students on the EIP can also do study related jobs off campus. That permit will let the student work for a maximum of 20 hours/week off-campus.

2. How to find a part-time job?

All colleges and universities have bulletin boards where on-campus job openings are advertised. There will also be websites carrying information about similar job openings.

You can work in cafes, restaurants and coffee shops; retail stores like clothing or sports goods stores; lifeguard or swimming instructor at a college swimming pool or beach; bookstores, library etc. If you are multilingual, you can work as a translator. As Canada is a multicultural society, the services of a translator are widely required.

3. Top part-time jobs in Canada

Part – Time JobsPaid salary/Wages (CAD/hour)
Customer service representative14
Sales Associate12
Web Designer20

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