Student Accommodation in Australia: All You Need To Know

Students should however know, for Student Accommodation in Australia, university accommodation differs from that which many international students are used to, as Australian universities offer little or no university housing. While some on-campus accommodation is available, the majority of candidates coming for higher education in Australia live off-campus in homestay, hostels, or rented apartments.

  • Homestay programs involve an international student living with an Australian family in their home.
  • Single or shared rooms are generally available, and costs vary by type of room, but are usually between 110 AUD and 270 AUD per week.
  • Some international students may choose to stay in hostels or guesthouse accommodations. At around 80 AUD-135 AUD a week, these accommodations tend to be cheaper than university or homestay accommodations.
  • Rental accommodations generally cost around 100 AUD-400 AUD per week, and shared rental accommodations cost around 70 AUD-250 AUD per week.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. Comparison: On-campus and Off-campus Accommodation in Australia
  2. Homestays in Australia
  3. Australian Homestay Network (AHN)
  4. Rentals and Shared Accommodations

1. Comparison: On-campus and Off-campus Accommodation in Australia

Students need to be aware of the limited number of university housing. In Australia, on-campus housing options exist sparingly as there are not many universities. All the options have their own pros and cons. The options student accommodation in Australia depend on the needs and budgets of the student.

2. Homestays in Australia

While there are options like private rentals, apartments, guesthouses, boarding houses, and Au Pair, homestays have been gaining popularity because of their enriching experiences and availability in various budgets. Homestays are an affordable option for student accommodation in Australia. Most are charged on a weekly basis. Here are some benefits of staying in a homestay:

1) Enhanced English Language skills

Most students may not have English as their first language. Even if they have passed the required tests to study in Australia, living in a homestay provides them with an opportunity to practice their English comfortably with the hosting family. This helps people to communicate in a foreign country.

2) A Cheaper Alternative

Not everyone can find a place to live on campus. This is because housing prices are going up. An average homestay can cost around 100 AUD to 300 AUD per week. This includes the price of food and electricity for your accommodation, as well as the Internet, which students have to pay for or arrange. Even though there are plenty of scholarships and loans in Australia that students can apply for if they need financial help, it is always better to be economical.

3) Learning Australian Culture

Living with a local Australian family will make foreign students feel more at home. The family will definitely guide you around local transport, food options, destinations and local way of life. Homestays are places that let students stay in people’s homes as they look for an apartment.

3. Australian Homestay Network (AHN)

The AHN is a new website run by Australia. It ensures great standards for homestays throughout Australia and it is easy to find the right people for you. Currently, 11 cities from six states offer affordable home stays throughout Australia. It also gives 24/7 phone support to users.

Average Cost(Weekly)160-470 AUD Prices vary for lodges, studio, single room, twin sharing and number of meals opted85-440 AUD Prices vary depending on city, rent, a number of people sharing, and amenities.
AvailabilityA limited number of seats, differs with each collegeEasily available
DurationDepends on courses; 4-52 weeksVaries with type of accommodation; short term to long term
AmenitiesIncludes water, food, electricity, internet, etc; Different Halls and Lodges have different charges according to needs and budget of the studentEverything needs to be arranged if living in a rented house; Homestays are inclusive of most amenities with options to out of desired services
TransportationConvenientVaries with area, may cost a lot of time and/or money

4. Rentals and Shared Accommodations

Many students coming to study in Australia prefer living off-campus with other international students, which is a good way to cut down expenses as well as have a multicultural experience. Australian Colleges have a team of housing advisors dedicated to help and guide new students to consider their housing arrangements. Some of the popular listing sites are mentioned under:

  • Scape
  • Flatmates
  • Unilodge
  • Urbanest


As off-campus housing is opted more, the demand is high, particularly housing situated close to campus. International students are encouraged to arrive in Australia two to three weeks before the start of orientation so as to get situated before classes begin.

There are also university-provided housings which students can consider. These colleges provide accommodation-related information and guidelines regarding legal, economic and social details concerning their stay in Australia.

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