Part Time Jobs in UK: A Complete Guide

Recently UK relaxed post-study work visa (graduate route visa) rules for international students. This will allow international as well as Indian students to stay in the UK for work after finishing their studies. However, there are certain rules regarding part-time jobs in UK for international students who went on a student visa. In case any international student doesn’t comply with the rules laid down by the UKBA, they risk facing deportation. Candidates can work on-campus or off-campus whatever opportunities they get.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. Work Permissions on Student Visa
  2. Best Part Time Jobs in UK for students

1. Work Permissions on Student Visa

Following are the restrictions on working part-time while on UK student visa (Tier 4):

  • Maximum of 20 hours per week of paid/unpaid work for those studying at degree level or more
  • Maximum of 10 hours per week of paid/unpaid work during course term for language center students
  • The Student visa must be valid and issued for a full-time course
  • Full-time work is allowed during vacations
  • Students pursuing part-time courses are not allowed to work in the UK by authorities
  • You can’t work full time until you have received a work permit (Tier 2)
  • Self-employment is not permitted, like any freelance or consultancy work

2. Best Part Time Jobs in UK for students

Finding a part-time job that pays as well is not so easy, so, here is a list of high paying jobs that pay more than the regular part-time work to students:

Part-time JobsPay per hour (Approx) 
Health Service£10.80
Social Care£9.50
Customer Service£10


To conclude, before taking any part-time job, work placement, internship, unpaid, or volunteer work check that your tier 4 (general) visa status allows you to work in the UK. Working for too many hours can make you feel tired and stressed, which will directly affect your studies. That’s why many universities and colleges recommend international students work for a maximum of 15 hours per week. The reasoning behind this is maintaining a study-life balance. 

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