Countries with Easy Immigration: An Overview

What really qualifies a country as immigration friendly? Flexible work permit, easy visa rules, availability of jobs and services, and a welcoming environment are a few to start with. With immigration, visa rules, and work permit getting tightened everywhere, it is difficult to remain updated about the current post-study work opportunities in the foreign countries. So here is a blog that will provide you a comprehensive list of Countries with Easy Immigration and offer the most suitable opportunities for students looking to study abroad.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. Post-Study Work Visa
  2. Work Permit after Study
  3. Countries with Easy Immigration

1. Post-Study Work Visa

A post-study work visa is a duration for which a student is permitted to stay after completing his graduation or post-graduation in search for work . The post-study work visa can be for less than three months.

Different countries have different rules about the procurement of such a post-study work visa. While some countries are rather lenient about allowing foreign students to stay back after their graduation and work alongside the local people, others are strict about maintaining their job market integrity and can often make life difficult for students by complicating and twisting the rules for acquiring a post-study work visa.

2. Work Permit after Study

It is important for foreign students to understand that a work permit visa can only be applied by the employer for their employees. Once a student has successfully acquired a full-time job opportunity during his post-study work visa, his employer would be required to apply for the work permit.

3. Countries with Easy Immigration

Let us evaluate the current job opportunities, post-study work visa options, and other important aspects of the countries most visited by Indian nationals which also make them some of the most immigration friendly destinations.


Canada listed as one of the top countries to live in by the United Nations. Canadians have a high standard of living and a low crime and violence rate . This makes it a great place to live.

The country has many immigration programs through the Canadian government. These include a family sponsorship program, a skilled workers program, an immigrant investors program, a refugee program, and an Atlantic immigration pilot program. The Canadian government has also recently changed the immigration policy that makes it easier for highly skilled students to come to Canada.

Canada is a great country to live in . It is one of the most popular countries for people to live in. A lot of importance is given to one’s educational and language skills and the experience. The country has often been rated as one of the best countries to live in, however, one needs to have a diploma or bachelor’s degree to apply for the immigration process.

Course durationStay back period
Less than 8 monthsNo post-study work permit
9 months to 24 monthsPost-study work permit no longer than the course duration
Over 24 months3 years of study work permit may be issued

New Zealand

Home to some of the best universities in the world, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world and a great immigration destination. The country is known as a great place for children to grow up in. One can get a Resident Visa by going to New Zealand on a temporary visa, which allows you to live and work there. Some visas, such as those granted under the Skilled Migrant Category, grant you residency right away. You should keep in touch with any conditions that apply to your visa.

Before moving to New Zealand permanently, people should consider what visas they are eligible for and whether those visas will enable them to stay in New Zealand for longer in the long run. You also need to make sure you are ready to move to New Zealand because you will need enough time to complete the requirements of your temporary or resident visa conditions.


The country has easy rules for permanent residency for those who want to live there. Australia too follows a points based system . Australia is said to be the land of job opportunities. The maximum age of an applicant can be 49 years and the minimum educational qualification is having a diploma or a bachelor’s degree.

International students must have at least two years of academic study in Australia, to be eligible for a post-study work visa in Australia. Aspirants can opt for a Bachelors’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree to qualify the same. The subject area of the field of study does not affect the student’s eligibility for a post-study visa in Australia.

CourseWork Permit Duration
Bachelor’s Degree2 Years
Master’s Degree2 Years
Research-based Master’s Degree3 Years
Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.)4 Years

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