Community Colleges USA: A Guide for International Students

Community colleges in USA or junior colleges are two year colleges that primarily cater for local students. These are schools for college students who want to remain in their home area while pursuing teaching. Students attending a neighborhood junior college can live reception and thus save plenty on housing and living costs. Community colleges in USA also cost less but universities are a decent option for college students with limited economical means. They also attract students who don’t have the grades to be accepted at university and adults who want to require evening classes while working.

The most common programs at top community colleges in USA are certificates, diplomas and two year Associate Degree’s. Taking a degree is way quicker and cheaper than taking a Bachelor’s Degree at a university but on the opposite hand it doesn’t have the identical status. But if you’ve got a degree you’ll be able to transfer to a university to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in two more years.

Community Colleges in USA not only have American students but also community colleges in USA are for international students. Half of these students choose a school in one in all these five states: California, Texas, Florida, Washington State or the New York state. So why would community colleges in usa for international students considered? There are fine reasons as you may see below.

Six reasons to check at junior college

It is cheaper than visiting a university: education is pricey within the US. The tuition fees are cheapest at community colleges in usa for international students than visiting university. On the average, the price for junior college is a smaller amount than half taking identical program at a public university and private universities are usually even pricier.

It is easier to get accepted: Community Colleges use an open admission policy which suggests that anyone with a high school diploma or GED can attend. However, you’ll usually should prove that your English level is good enough to attend and there may also be entrance exams in other subjects like Mathematics to see which of the college’s courses that you can take.

Classes are small: while universities often give lectures to many students at a time Community Colleges normally work with much smaller classes. This can enable you to ask more questions and acquire more support from your teacher. While university professors combine research with teaching the professors at junior college usually focus 100% on teaching.

Take a Bachelor’s Degree at a lower cost: Consider taking the primary two years at a junior college. It’ll be more cost-effective and it’ll be easier to be accepted. If you maintain good grades you’ll then transfer to a university and begin directly on the third year. So you are doing the primary two years at the junior college and also the last two years at the University. Within the end you get the identical degree as if you’d have done all four years at the university.

Try the American college experience: Many colleges afford study abroad semesters where you’ll pick the courses that you simply have an interest in and take a look at different subjects. Another choice is to sign on for a brief program sort of a Certificate or Diploma course.

Work in the US for one year on OPT: if you’ve got completed a two year degree in an american junior college federal law allows you to remain and add the US for one year on OPT – Optional Practical Training. The job has got to be directly associated with the foremost you’ve got taken. you have got to use for OPT during the last semester of your associate. For more information see the colleges’ homepages.

Who shouldn’t study at Community College?

While studying at junior college will be an honest option for several international students it’s not right for everybody. If you match one or more of the factors below you would possibly be better of trying to find other options.

If you’ve got already studied at university level: if you’ve got already studied for a pair of years at university most junior colleges won’t be able to give you classes at best community colleges in USA might want a step backwards for you.

If you wish to top up your CV: if you simply want to require a semester or two abroad to top up your CV you’ll be better of studying at a university and preferably taking a degree. Studying at best community colleges in USA will offer you valuable study abroad experience but the status is not up to a university, not least within the eyes of American employers.

Top students: if you’re an ambitious student with very high grades a junior college may not be the correct option for you and you may be at an advantage applying for a high ranking university and trying to induce a scholarship.

How to choose a college?

Studying at top community colleges in USA will be a good experience but all colleges aren’t suitable for international students. So do some research and appearance for the subsequent criteria:

How many students does the school have? To enjoy college life and be able to choose the topics you wish you ought to confirm that the school you’re applying for isn’t too small.

Do they need international students? Colleges with many international students will possibly have an improved situation for international students and you’ll be able to get to understand more students within the same situation.

Do they need agreements with good universities? If you concentrate on taking a Bachelor’s Degree within the US you must apply for a junior college that has transfer agreements with good universities. Then you’ll be able to transfer to the university and count all of your credits from the junior college. Good transfer agreements are usually an indication of an honest college.

Does the college have a decent location? Life outside of the classroom may be a big a part of studying abroad so confirm that you simply choose a college with a beautiful location. However always form your own opinion. What’s attractive to others won’t be attractive to you. Some people like warm weather and beaches, others like big cities or smaller places near nature.

To apply for a junior college you always should submit the following:

  • The college’s application form
  • Application fee
  • Your highschool diploma translated to English
  • A copy of your passport
  • Proof that you simply can finance your studies
  • Proof that you simply have the desired English level, for instance a TOEFL or IELTS test.

Sometimes you furthermore might have to submit other documents sort of a letter. Each school has their own admission guidelines so ensure to test the applying procedures of the school you’re fascinated by. Check the list of community colleges in USA and best community colleges in USA for international students and proceed with the application process. 

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