Best Places for Marine Biology Summer Programs Abroad

The science of the ocean is best understood within the water. Most programs offer field research opportunities and labs together with normal lecture style classes. So you’ll be able to literally get your feet wet while you learn marine biology. Your specific interests and focus areas will play an enormous role in where you decide on. We’ve compiled a listing of the five marine biology study abroad programs that we all know you’ll love. We’re also throwing out some ideas on what other fun activities you’ll do while you’re there.

Why study marine biology abroad?

We recommend that marine biology students pursue programs abroad to take what they learn within the classroom and truly apply in real-life situations. There are simple skills associated while working with marine creatures that can’t be learned in an exceeding classroom; and unless you reside in one in all these five best places for marine biology summer programs abroad, you likely have little access to a number of the most effective underwater ecosystems within the world. You can find better jobs and marine biology salaries are high abroad compared to marine biology salary India.

5 best destinations to study marine biology abroad

Costa Rica

Live that pura vida after you study marine biology courses abroad in Costa Rica. Central American country has been called one in every of the foremost “biologically intense” places on Earth by National Geographic. With over 500,000 species, this Central American country is home to 4% of all the species within the world. If you’re trying to find the simplest place to check marine biology, you will be trying to find Central American nation.

Summer programs at marine biology colleges in Republic of Costa Rica double because the perfect vacation. Without the additional expense of housing and food, you’ll be able to spend it slow exploring the country.


Crikey, you’re unsurprised that Australia is on this list. Marine biology degree programs within the land down under offer hands on field work, cultural immersion, and, of course, aquatic adventures. the nice coral reef may be a marine biologist’s dream — with over 3,000 individual reef systems, over 1,500 species of fish, and 134 species of sharks and rays, this awesome ecosystem has something for everybody. If you discover marine biology study abroad programs like- Bsc marine biology and Msc marine biology in Australia, your homework might be skin-dive or snorkeling through the reef.

Although this is often tragic, there’s hope for these creatures if we are able to get our act along with some sustainability practices and responsible ocean management. Some marine biology summer programs for school students have opportunities to volunteer with wildlife, sustainability, and other planet-minded endeavors.


Summer programs aren’t enough. You need a real deal, a full-on, full-semester or year to induce down with the fishes. Study marine biology courses abroad for an opportunity to review human impact and sustainability. There are past reports of overfishing impacting wildlife, creating a necessity for suffered interactions with the wildlife. When school gets a tad stressful, just take a Chile pill, and relax on the beach. Or, remove your trekking poles and explore the Andes.


Find marine biology courses online and study abroad programs in Scotland for an opportunity to experience breathtaking landscapes, lively cities, and scientific breakthroughs. It’s also one among the simplest places in Europe to work out marine mammals, making it, for all intents and porpoises, one amongst the simplest choices for marine biology summer programs. College students will love living in Stirling. The little town contains a large student population and a vibrant nightlife along with the marine biology job opportunities.

Scottish people are known for being intense. It’s no surprise that they brave the icy waters and overcast days to snorkel within the Arctic cold water. You’ll need a wetsuit and a brave heart, but it’ll be worthwhile.

On A Boat

Get your swim trunks and your flippy floppies, because you’ll be able to study marine biology on a BOAT! With programs, you’ll have the chance to go to several countries and study marine biology. Summer programs for faculty students include PADI scuba certifications, IYT sailing certifications, and attention & CPR certifications with marine biology jobs.

You don’t need to accept only one country to review marine biology abroad. Hop on board for a multi-country extravaganza with the better scope of marine biology. Voyages can take you just about anywhere, betting on your timeframe and academic focus. You’ll explore Blessed Virgin Islands, Morocco, France, and even make it right down to Australia with marine biology jobs abroad.

You owe it to yourself, and to the marine methodologies, to require a leap and make a splash with these marine biology summer programs. The choices are as vast because the ocean, but we all know you’ll find your way. When it comes right down to it, the most effective place to check marine biology is where you wish to be.


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