Best Anthropology Study Abroad Programs

Studying anthropology abroad is an absolute must if this is your interest. There are numerous reasons to study the best anthropology study abroad programs!

When study abroad programs say they provide anthropology courses as a theme area, it can mean plenty of things. The sphere of anthropology is broad and is choppy into distinct specialities: cultural, linguistic, and archaeological or biological anthropology.

Here are the types of anthropology courses mentioned below:

Cultural anthropology: If you would like a good anthropology degree, rummage around for field-based programs that allow you to gather research or complete independent study projects. Service-learning or volunteer opportunities are something to appear for in a very program if you would like deeper immersion and hands-on experience.

Linguistic anthropology: explore the anthropology programs that include acquisition and linguistic courses with a powerful emphasis on language immersion.

Archaeological and biological anthropology: look around for field-based study abroad programs, or programs that include frequent field trips to local sites where you’ll be able to complete special projects or assignments.

Here are the best anthropology graduate programs and study abroad programs at the best university for anthropology in different locations with different teaching methodologies for  a better study abroad experience.

Southeast Asia Semester with Carpe Diem Education

Gain a deeper understanding of human rights and Southeast Asian cultures during this 3-month experiential program which will take you thru three fascinating countries. Traveling with a cohort of scholars, the semester begins in Thailand. The journey then heads north to Cambodia, where social and political topics take center stage, as you may study the tragic impact of the Khmer Rouge’s genocide in Cambodia. The program ends in Vietnam, where you’ll complete a service-learning project with an area organization.

Study Abroad in Sorrento with SAI Programs

Studying archaeological anthropology abroad during this seaside Italian town are going to be a good looking experience. You will study at the Sant’Anna Institute, with field trips to Pompeii and visits to other ancient ruins. Depending on the term, sample courses may include archaeology, where you’ll study ancient Roman ruins, Italian language courses of the many levels, and also the anthropology of Europe.

For an excellent more hands-on experience, you’ll complete an internship for educational credit; previous summer students completed an archaeological excavation project in Pompeii.

Peru: Indigenous People and Social Change with SIT Study Abroad

You will need some college-level Spanish courses under your belt, so sign up with SIT to be told more about the language requirements. the journey begins in Cusco, where you may stick with a number family and take intro courses in Quechua, one in all the local indigenous languages. Next up are three weeks of excursions and field research, together with a trek on the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

The experience concludes with four weeks of an Independent Study Project, so you’ll be able to put your research and ethnographic skills to practice!

Cuba Study Abroad at Universidad de La Habana with IFSA

This program is geared towards students who’ve already completed some semesters of college-level Spanish, as you may need the language to assist dive deeper into the Cuban culture.

In addition, you’ll be able to deepen your cultural understanding with volunteer opportunities within the local people, from tutoring English to environmental beach clean-ups. This immersive experience makes for a wonderful cultural and linguistic anthropology study abroad program!

Brazil: Florianópolis Global Economy with USAC

Located on a sub-tropical island off the mainland coast of Brazil, students will come face-to-face with a range of topics that play an enormous role in life during this island community. Studying at one among Brazil’s most prestigious universities, masters in anthropology include a range of Portuguese language levels courses. Students even have the choice of completing a one-credit field study course during the Minas Gerais tour portion of the program, where you’ll research a historical or cultural topic of the region.

Language and Culture in Lisbon, Portugal with CIEE

During this program you’ll take courses in English, together with a Portuguese language course, at two major universities within the city while living with a bunch family or during a residence.

There are a large sort of cultural, linguistic, and archaeological anthropology courses to decide on from, starting from “Anthropology and Colonialism”, “Medieval Muslim Archaeology”, to “Linguistic Diversity on the Iberian Peninsula”. With the stunning beaches, mild climate, and a thriving university scene, Lisbon makes for a wonderful study abroad experience!

Odyssey in Athens Study Abroad Program with Webster University Athens

The city is your classroom during this program, where the famed Acropolis and Greece’s National Archaeological Museum are nearby of the varsity. As the the birthplace of democracy and civilisation, Greece may be a nation with an expensive history, making it a superb location for studying anthropology abroad. All courses are taught in English by faculty from the U.S. and abroad, and include field trips and cultural events.

Health Belief & Ethnomedicine: Traditional Healing in Belize with CELA Belize

If you’re fascinated by global health anthropology, this can be an excellent program for you! As a stable and exquisite country in Central America, Belize could be a wonderful location to check anthropology abroad.

With a spotlight on indigenous communities and knowledge, you may study traditional healing practices of the Mayan and Garifuna cultures, through a range of field visits, guest lectures, and classroom instruction.

Global Health, Women’s Health and Human Rights with IPSL

If you’re inquisitive about learning the way to advance social change and gain a deeper understanding of Tanzanian culture, this program offers a spread of courses fitted to anthropology majors. All students take an introduction course in Kiswahili, the local language, and a range of electives that concentrate on health, peace and conflict issues, and Tanzanian social politics.

Study in Granada with IES Abroad

An inviting university town with cobblestone streets, and therefore the Sierra Nevada mountains as a backdrop, Granada is well-known because the home of the UNESCO World Heritage site and one among the most-visited sites within the world, the Alhambra.

Studying anthropology in Granada will offer you the prospect to find out about this region’s rich past, which was once the seat of the Moorish empire. Take courses at the Universidad de Granada, the third-largest university in Spain, and find out about the history of Islamic civilization in Spain, Flamenco history and dance, or Spanish cultural studies.

While each study abroad experience is entirely unique, talking with students who’ve been within the field before you’ll assist in giving you more perspective. You can opt to study anthropology abroad or you can even study anthropology courses online. You may have a deeper understanding of not only another culture, but yourself. That’s the ability of study abroad!

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