All about Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Let us know about the Erasmus mundus scholarship program for a protracted time. It is considered as one amongst the most effective Master’s scholarships you’ll be able to have. Erasmus mundus scholarship is not only open to any citizenship but also the scholarship covers the schooling fee, living costs, and insurance. The students receive plenty of help from their universities (such as finding housing, or visa related matters).

You can value more highly to study not only in Europe, but all parts of the globe. You’ll also have the benefit of language courses, free of charge in all countries. For every university collaborating within the Erasmus Mundus scholarship program, between 10 and 20 students may receive a scholarship for every intake session. You should know that from 2015 onward, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) are now delivered under the umbrella of Erasmus + Programs.

Subjects provided Scholarships

There are many subjects which come under Erasmus mundus scholarship. Here are the main courses for Erasmus mundus master’s scholarships offered for:

  • Engineering
  • Computer science
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Business

Each Master’s has a different consortium of universities that made it (the consortium is that the group of universities organizing the Master’s course). It is quite important to not choose the Master’s supported the countries it’ll happen in, but following your area of interest. The Erasmus mundus scholarship India is also open for Indian citizens planning to study in any university in the consortium. Of course, it might be great if you may find a Master’s in your area of interest that also takes you to plenty of nations and offers you plenty of opportunities.


The scholarship amounts depend mainly on the duration of your studies and your citizenship (scholarships for college students outside the EU Union are beyond for EU citizens). The Erasmus mundus masters scholarship and Erasmus mundus PhD scholarship are offered for students offering:

  • monthly allowance
  • participation costs
  • travelling costs
  • insurance

Scholarship amounts can vary according to:

  • the level of studies
  • the duration of studies
  • the scholar’s nationality

Scholarships for non-EU citizens

In the case of erasmus mundus scholarship for indian students and citizens of Third World, the scholarships are even better. This is because of the very fact that Erasmus Mundus was designed for non-EU citizens and only in recent years has it come to incorporate EU citizens.

The Master’s scholarship can arise to 48,000 EUR for 2 years of study, and this covers:

  • The tuition fees (if there are any)
  • Health insurance
  • Any documents and administrative requirements from the university
  • A living allowance of 1,000 EUR per month for twenty-four months
  • A 3,000 EUR extra scholarship (on top of the 1,000 EUR a month) when you alter your university
  • Different language courses and events
  • A 2,000 EUR initial payment, before the studies start, for visas and travel expenses
  • At the end of the Master’s, you receive a double or multiple diplomas from all universities you attended

Study application

The Erasmus mundus scholarship requirements for entry and receiving scholarships differ for every Master’s course (for example, the language level can differ, some applications require an essay, likewise mutually or more reference letters). Erasmus mundus scholarship eligibility is that you cannot apply for 3 Master’s courses (only applies to 3rd country citizens).

Applications usually start in September and end in early February, reckoning on the program. This shows that you must have all required documents available by October\November, to make it certain you’ll be able to apply to any Master’s which the deadline didn’t pass.

Students should contact the consortium offering the Master’s course to seek out out detailed information about the application process.

The competition is kind of fierce and a few programs have a group limit for EU citizens they’ll accept. It is best to check with the colleges before applying, to make sure they do not accept only non-EU citizens.


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